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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Admire Brave NYPD but I can't Stomach NYPD Blind-eye-itis

Too watch the NYPD and "traffic" ticketers aka as "brownies" rain down tickets all along St. Mark's Place and 2nd Avenue only to ignore illegal NYPD parking placards is just too much.

Some of my activist friends can't stomach my positive vibes for NYPD but I do not excuse any corruption by anybody from City Hall to NYPD.

I do admire brave NYPD and some NYPD are beyond brave and are not necessarily even acknowledged publicly for their courage.

I also think of hero NYPD Peter Figoski who simply helped turn an unruly teenager around when her desperate Mom called the Precinct for help. He came over and the teenager cussed him out and was rude. He ignored her rudeness and talked of his own three daughters. I donated money to his education fund but I do not support the NYPD when they do wrong.