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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bloomberg Rudin Koch Christine Quinn Scott Stinger Sell-out ////

How do these people and all the paid sell-outs live themselves?

Folks -- Forwarded this email and no surprise based on what I posted today! I hear some NYU students finally protesting NYU's evil community crushing development. Hilarious when press asks Mitchell Manure Shovelling Moss for comment when NYU and Rudin bought him like cow manures .

posts from uncanny....

Note: This was were you entered on 12th Street to see a loved one!

The Ghosts of St. Vincent’s Will Perhaps Haunt this Great Injustice?

The security desk was empty and the computer’s shut off -- they usually are stationed where St. Vincent’s greeters were....

The security is to protect Rudin stealing the hospital for pennies?

Hi All, We just received word that Rudin Management has secured the appropriate permits from the NYC Department of Buildings to begin the interior demolition and abatement of the six former St. Vincent's Hospital buildings. Here's what they say: These are actions that must be taken regardless of the outcome of the current ULURP public approval process. In order to properly complete these actions - and ensure the safety of the people living near and walking by the site - early next week, Turner Construction (the construction manager for the project) will build a 16 foot construction fence on the Seventh Avenue sidewalk, which will enclose the trucks that will start carting away interior debris later in the week. A pedestrian lane will be created adjacent to the fence, and flagmen will be provided at all times when trucks are entering or exiting the enclosed area. The construction fence will be designed in accordance with the City of New York's new Urban Canvas guidelines. All work will be performed between the hours of 8am and 5pm and will not affect either 11th or 12th Street. No exterior or structural demolition will occur at this time. The interior demolition is likely to continue for several months. If anyone has any questions during this process, they can email John Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer of Rudin Management, at . Rudin intends to launch a web site (currently under construction) in the next few weeks for updates on the construction.