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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bernie Kerik Jail Bird To Write about Joe Tacopina?

Will Bernie Kerik write his second autobiography minus the assistance of his ex-mistresses Judith Regan/ Murdoch's publishing company and give us details on his close relationship with Joe Tacopina that went South of the Border or at least Kerik wished he was when Joe his than close pal, biz partner and lawyer had a chat with Federal Investigators and oops some how Bernie Kerik ends up in jail and no Mafia clients want to hire Tacopina any more.

Kerik used to give Tacopina gifts like a Mafia guy would give his mistress....explain that to me.

Excerpt from above link: "Kerik supporters have long held that the investigation and sentencing smacked of unfair treatment. The soon to be published Connolly piece may shed light on whether Tacopina breached attorney-client privilege, and why he so readily rolled-over on a person often described as a close friend." post refers to Vanity Fair piece.....

Come on folks -- Joe has ethics and integrity. How dare someone publish a false hood accusing Joe of bedding a clients wife. Joe says not true but the post says Joe did return the 20 grand his client has but down!

If you want to read about Kerik using his NYPD like his personal Mafia squad for his than mistress Murdoch's ex-rising star, Judith Regan than read "NYPD Confidential".

I want the Feds to spring Bernie Kerik early like they did for sex predator Jeffrey Epstein if Kerik helps them with any possible insights in to Murdoch NYPD fixes and favors -- if there were any considering Murdoch bought Scotland Yard and come one--- Kerik getting a book deal and sex from a Murdoch exec can't be considered favors, you scratch my back from Murdoch could it? Kerik any ideas if Murdoch's staff did some hacking here in the USA?

By the way -- since Bernie Kerik and Joe Tacopina were so close was there any fixes or favors for Joe, his family, friends and clients? I doubt it but I just had to wonder out loud.

I have so many questions I would like to ask Bernie Kerik and Joe Tacopina....wink wink but in court under oath!

p.s. Joe Tacopina just had an embarrassing loss here in NYC and Melissa Grace some how erased is presence entirely from her news report!