May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime SAIC Scandal Not Front Page News NYC!

Wake-up New Yorkers -- How about 1 Billion dollars back from SAIC CityTime + NY Pension Scams On Going!

Today 4 hours ago see link below....4 but no NYC newspapers interested...ho hum....

is SAIC going to have an Enron ending and when are we the tax payers of NYC going to get our money back and also wake-up???????????? Wake-up New Yorkers!!!!
Nothing in the newspapers....why? To protect the public from Bloomberg resign for the massive mishandling of all these tech contracts as well as the pensions and he is restructuring now? We can be thankful he did not hire Jon Corzine!

"Since 2000, the Company has developed and implemented an automated timekeeping and workforce management system ("CityTime") for certain agencies of the City of New York. "
"Subsequently, on June 2, 2011, the Company disclosed that an internal investigation could not validate all the time recorded to the CityTime program by its program manager. " Note, and I reported this a bunch of times. SAIC did not even have its own timetracking system during a large portion of the Citytime engagement and their own executives stated in 2006 there billing was a mess.
In the meantime back at the farm, NYC asked for their 600million dollars of money back! Why is it when the dollars get large it takes 6 months since Mayor Bloomberg asked for the money back that we still don't have the money, or is to take the political pressure of to ask and then not get the money. Note, SAIC in its last financial report had plenty money to estimate the loss from legal fees and administrative costs to the tune of 232K on their Q3 8k, none of that allocated to the City of New York.

p.s. Folks! Mike Bloomberg allowed our NY Pensions to be so abused and poorly handled besides raided along with Bill Thompson so my question is why, oh why are we allowing Mike Bloomberg to restructure pensions now?

My answer is because his pals like Steve Rattner are down raiding them! Mike still keeps Steve Rattner on his private payroll not NYC gov like many of his pals even though Steve pleaded the 5th 63 times!!!!!!!

East Village Pregnant Teen Shot Boyfriend Suspect

Saturday, January 28, 2012

As Suzannah Wonders about NYDN Joe Tacopina NYPD PBA Special Relationships News Corp Journalists and Police Arrested London

"The police officer involved, a 29-year-old man serving in the territorial policing command of the Metropolitan Police, the formal name for Scotland Yard, was arrested while at work at a central London police station. He was the second serving officer to be arrested as part of the investigation, known as Operation Elveden, following the arrest last month of a 52-year-old female officer. In all of the arrests, the suspects were released on bail."

Even though I am sent legal documents that must be slander not true stating Joe Tacopina had an adulterous affair and Tacopina named as the culprit that broke up a marriage and links from Joe Fans about mistress in Italy and Joe refunding 20 grand he took from a client who accused him of having sex with his wife -- is that the same guy in the legal document I was sent that must be a forged or madness? I don't know but I did wonder when Melissa Grace of The NY Daily News erased Joe Tacopina from the embarrassing loss of the 1 legged millionaire who gashed a woman's face -- you see Joe used the same misogynist blame the victim strategy and the jurors did not buy it so Melissa Grace does Joe Tacopina quite the favor erasing him completely and now The NY Daily News editors perhaps at Rupert Murdoch's top guy request --- Colin Myler now running NYDN and making it look trashier than the NY Post if possible hires the most misogynist lawyer in NY Joe Tacopina and his pal Chad Seigel who hired the MD that handled Baby Lisa over to Joel Steinberg illegally with no paper work. Joel Steinberg beat Baby Lisa to death after several years of tying her to a steam pipe and the MD being rich and white along with his partner were never punished so Joe could hire him to refute the medical proof that the NYPD rape victim's cervix was bruised from sex -- yes that Joe who's partner and he are so sexually ignorant that Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel asked in court if "it" meaning a woman's vagina, snaps shut like a fly trap.

Note: Bernie Kerik and Joe Tacopina were biz partners as well as Joe representing him as a lawyer right? And Bernie gave him presents right? For what?

How dirty was Kerik?

Murdoch's phone hacking and dirty dealings including buying Scotland Yard and today cops arrested along with "journalists" in Murdoch's foul play being covered up here in NYC and one person I would like to ask plenty of questions to is Bernie Kerik about Joe Tacopina, the PBA, the NYPD favors and fixing and about Rupert Murdoch.

Oh gee -- it wasn't Murdoch exactly involved was it but his top people who he gave golden parachutes to as he laid off honest and innocent good workers.

Yes I would.

Actually I would like to ask Joe Tacopina some questions as well but under oath in court on a broad range of topics starting with the NYPD and PBA.

I want to talk to the Federal Investigators that talked to him about his than client Bernie Kerik before Joe Tacopina rolled over on Bernie Kerik.

It is interesting getting back to Murdoch and The Sun -- and the arrests of police officers today that no such corruption went on here in NYC, USA!!!!!!!!

Just look at how the media from The NY Times to The NY Post to the NYDN is not asking which NYC gov officials got their tickets fixed City Hall.

The NYTimes and NYDN protecting Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel for some reason?

I wonder what that could be that for instance NYDN cuts Joe out of an embarrassing loss?

Why oh why would Murdoch's top guy now working for Mort Zuckerman let Joe Tacopina a man that put the NYPD rape victim on trial -- Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel made Howard Stern look classy and Murdoch's guy hires Joe to write what we all know -- the alleged rape victim in the Kelly case has no legs to stand on -- gee it is a no brainer....just like no paralegal on the planet can take a newscaster in to her office and have sex and not get fired unless...unless what? I hear rumors she is connected.

Even Joe Tacopina would have a hard time with one of his paralegals doing so or would he want to exploit that newscaster in some way? Hmmm.

Keep your eyes on Murdoch and his top guys here in NYC including the one with a new job running The NY Post. Keep your eyes on Joe Tacopina the NYDN hires for insight on rape? The last time I saw Joe on TV giving insight was on Anthony Weiner and he wrongly said Weiner's twitter must have been accessed by someone else.

Keep the info and links on Joe Tacky-O coming. I really enjoy them....the stuff the Italian soccer fans write brutal.

Zipper A Coney Island Film about Greed and Politics!

Blog readers! I can't wait to see this film!!!!!

A note from the film maker Amy:

A film about greed, politics, land use and public policy, ZIPPER tells the story behind the battle over an American cultural icon. Small-time ride operator, Eddie Miranda, proudly runs a 38-year-old carnival contraption called the Zipper in the heart of Coney Island’s gritty amusement district. When his rented lot is snatched up by an opportunistic real estate mogul, Eddie and his ride become casualties of a power struggle between the developer and the City of New York over the future of the “People’s Playground.’’ Be it an affront to history or just the path of progress, the spirit of Coney Island is at stake. In a market-driven world where growth often trumps preservation, the Zipper may be only the beginning of what is lost.

Please spread the word about Zipper. I have been working on it for 5 years. I really felt like it was important to tell the story of what actually happened in Coney Island and to take the city's economic development policies to task. It's funny and maddening and sad all at the same. The first 8 minutes of the rough cut is on the facebook page under videos. Would love to know what you think.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me and keep up the good work!


Amy Nicholson
Myrtle & Olive Productions

9th Precinct Harasses my Friend But Blind to Illegal Parking Placards

Illegal Parking Placard Official Government Business Yeah Right!

Date Expired on this Official Document

look here of more info including 9th Precinct littered with illegal parking placards and the 9th has a horror story history the old 9th about their infamous parking lot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

9th Precinct Littered with Illegal NYPD Parking Placards NYPD behind in 2012 Placards so No New Yorkers should be ticketed for parking violations 2012

I just found another illegal parking placard in the East Village in a fancy import. It is upside down. Called Internal Affairs. They said new placards not all in yet. Amazing. The average NYer gets ticketed up to their eye balls and some of ticketing plain illegal and wrong but hey they have quotas. Hey corrupt NYPD cops u your mistresses pals feel free to use ur expired parking placards until feb or even 2013!!! Rape away and enjoy the heroin ur hiding because no jury and Cy Vance will hold u accountable. Dear NYPD -- How about no parking tickets until you get your NYPD 2012 park placards update and will that be in Feb. of 2012 or 2013?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christine Quinn Dr Martin Luther King Jane Jacobs: One is A Fraud Who Wa...

I Admire Brave NYPD but I can't Stomach NYPD Blind-eye-itis

Too watch the NYPD and "traffic" ticketers aka as "brownies" rain down tickets all along St. Mark's Place and 2nd Avenue only to ignore illegal NYPD parking placards is just too much.

Some of my activist friends can't stomach my positive vibes for NYPD but I do not excuse any corruption by anybody from City Hall to NYPD.

I do admire brave NYPD and some NYPD are beyond brave and are not necessarily even acknowledged publicly for their courage.

I also think of hero NYPD Peter Figoski who simply helped turn an unruly teenager around when her desperate Mom called the Precinct for help. He came over and the teenager cussed him out and was rude. He ignored her rudeness and talked of his own three daughters. I donated money to his education fund but I do not support the NYPD when they do wrong.

Bernie Kerik Jail Bird To Write about Joe Tacopina?

Will Bernie Kerik write his second autobiography minus the assistance of his ex-mistresses Judith Regan/ Murdoch's publishing company and give us details on his close relationship with Joe Tacopina that went South of the Border or at least Kerik wished he was when Joe his than close pal, biz partner and lawyer had a chat with Federal Investigators and oops some how Bernie Kerik ends up in jail and no Mafia clients want to hire Tacopina any more.

Kerik used to give Tacopina gifts like a Mafia guy would give his mistress....explain that to me.

Excerpt from above link: "Kerik supporters have long held that the investigation and sentencing smacked of unfair treatment. The soon to be published Connolly piece may shed light on whether Tacopina breached attorney-client privilege, and why he so readily rolled-over on a person often described as a close friend." post refers to Vanity Fair piece.....

Come on folks -- Joe has ethics and integrity. How dare someone publish a false hood accusing Joe of bedding a clients wife. Joe says not true but the post says Joe did return the 20 grand his client has but down!

If you want to read about Kerik using his NYPD like his personal Mafia squad for his than mistress Murdoch's ex-rising star, Judith Regan than read "NYPD Confidential".

I want the Feds to spring Bernie Kerik early like they did for sex predator Jeffrey Epstein if Kerik helps them with any possible insights in to Murdoch NYPD fixes and favors -- if there were any considering Murdoch bought Scotland Yard and come one--- Kerik getting a book deal and sex from a Murdoch exec can't be considered favors, you scratch my back from Murdoch could it? Kerik any ideas if Murdoch's staff did some hacking here in the USA?

By the way -- since Bernie Kerik and Joe Tacopina were so close was there any fixes or favors for Joe, his family, friends and clients? I doubt it but I just had to wonder out loud.

I have so many questions I would like to ask Bernie Kerik and Joe Tacopina....wink wink but in court under oath!

p.s. Joe Tacopina just had an embarrassing loss here in NYC and Melissa Grace some how erased is presence entirely from her news report!

Ben Shaoul Hated part 2 China Town Justice

2. and at the DEMONSTRATION

THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 3:30 to 5 pm
also at 815 Broadway (near 12th Street), Manhattan

On January 22, 2002, Benjamin Shaoul, landlord of 166 Elizabeth Street,
served CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities with a lawsuit for $20 million.
Shaoul, who has been trying to evict his low-income Chinese and Dominican
tenants in Chinatown through harassment and intimidation, alleges that
CAAAV has caused him "severe emotional distress"

166 Elizabeth Street is a 22-unit tenement building on the border between
Chinatown and SoHo. Until recently, it was occupied by low-income Chinese
and Dominican immigrants, and its previous owner failed to maintain the
building in habitable conditions and left it in a state of neglect.

In March 2000, 23-year old Benjamin Shaoul of Elizabeth Realty bought 166
Elizabeth Street. Since then, Shaoul has started eviction proceedings
against seven of the eleven Chinese tenants in the building, has pressured
all other tenants with buy-outs, didn't provide gas for more than four
months, and has converted vacant units into luxury housing, where new
tenants pay illegal rents, as high as $2000 - $3000 a month -- double or
triple the former rent.

Shaoul also forced his way into his tenants' homes, grabbed their wallets
to look for their IDs threatened to call the INS (Immigration and
Naturalization Service), and even accused the tenants of neglecting their
children and tried to have a state agency take away their kids.

Shaoul has also retaliated against tenants and organizers for their
organizing activities, and has repeatedly made racist remarks: "I have
nothing against Chinese people; I just don't want so many of them in my

Through these tactics, Shaoul has been successful in displacing 50% of the
tenants in the building. But the remaining tenants are united and
resolved that they will not move. Their cases are currently pending in
housing court, and are expected to go to trial in the Spring of 2002.

This practice of converting once rent-regulated buildings into luxury
housing by harassing and evicting low-income tenants is on the rise at an
alarming rate in Lower Manhattan, and is part of a pattern of
gentrification city-wide.

Tenants Fight Back & Landlord Retaliates through Lawsuit:
Benjamin Shaoul is only 23 years old, and his activities are financed and
backed by his parents. His mother, co-owner of 166 Elizabeth Street, also
owns an antique store in Manhattan. To protest Benjamin Shaoul's actions
and demand that he stop all evictions against his tenants, the tenants of
166 Elizabeth Street and the Chinatown Justice Project of CAAAV hold
weekly pickets outside his parents' store.

In his lawsuit against CAAAV, Shaoul seeks an injunction restraining CAAAV
from holding the weekly pickets and distributing leaflets about his
actions. The lawsuit is not only frivolous and retaliatory, but a clear
challenge to the community's right to organize in support of tenants fighting

Time to Escalate the Fight
The tenants of 166 Elizabeth Street and the Chinatown Justice Project are
determined to build the fight against displacement in Chinatown, and we
need your support.

Ben Shaoul Hate on The Lower East Side to China Town

Ben Shaoul is one of the more openly hated people on the Lower East Side....for all his slimy misdeeds as a landlord as he flashes his cash about. When researching him check variations on his last name like "Shaul" as well.

on this post a p.s. from me

p.s. from Suzannah B. Troy: I found this link on Ben Shaoul

"Besides suing to evict tenants, Shaoul has also rid the building of some low-rent occupants by paying them to leave. That was the case with Maria Perez, who had been paying $400 a month to live in the apartment where Jabin now pays nearly six times as much. Sources say Shaoul paid Perez $7500-an amount he'll recoup from Jabin's rent in less than four months. Neighbors are not sure where Perez and her family have gone. Some say she's in Santo Domingo, others say the Bronx.

In paying tenants to leave apartments and pursuing so many court actions, Shaoul is simply taking advantage of the ordinary resources landlords use to clear out a building. But tenants say he has also used extraordinary means. Otero says that Shaoul has harassed her by strolling into her apartment when her door is ajar, turning down the TV, and demanding they discuss a buy-out. She has repeatedly refused his offers. Otero believes that the landlord reported her to state child-abuse officials, who told her they were investigating a claim that her two children were in danger because of drug use in the household. Otero's brother, who lives with her, does have a five-year-old drug conviction, but she says he is tested for drugs every week in a rehab program, and is consistently drug-free. Sources say a final determination in the case is imminent."

The NY Times uses Hells Angels Headquarters as Geo Referring Point for Historic Landmark Map See map on this link and did The NY Times use the Hells Angels because they are the only iconic symbol left from the neighborhood that has been crushed by reckless development and on old NY's infrastructure.

The area is riddled with the worst water main breaks, sewage, gas leaks and from the 9th Precinct to St. Marks on Second Avenue the street keeps breaking open like there is a volcano under there.

Maybe too many NYU, Cooper Union, SVA, New School, sky piercing hotels and condos busting through zoning on "old" NY's infrastructure.

Lespi Victory for Lower East Side

Suzannah B. Troy in Bikini Live from Bermuda W/ Mayor Mike During Snow Storm!!!!

Angels Year Round Feeding Those in Need Tompkins

Doggies Loving Snow Tompkins

General Slocum Memorial Snow Storm Tompkins Square Park

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Stringer Rudin: Richard Sheirer Dead St....

Friday, January 20, 2012

NYC Parks Department Edwin Falcon

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cy Vance Campaign Troubles His Mike’s Christine Quinn’s + Rapist NYPD Cop Heroin All Not Well in Vance’s world

Reminder! Cy Vance let the NYPD Rape Cop walk -- he let the heroin in NYPD rape cops locker be rolled in to one year he is supposedly to serve! Cy Vance has his haters who have posted comments accusing him for campaign improprieties and it involves money he owed Mark Guma who is now running Christine Quinn’s campaign. Did Guma dismiss money owed and if so did Cy Vance claim the money as a donation? Guma’s wife worked with John Haggerty on the Bloomberg campaign. “They” pulled her off to work with Christine Quinn and Guma’s wife Maura Keaney was written up by Jim Dwyer of The New York Times -- Bloomberg shrugs off Christine Quinn and Maura Keaney’s ethic lapse
well so did Cy Vance when Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws Misdemeanor A carries jail time and Cy Vance gave Team Bloomberg IMMUNITY in Haggerty Trial and Bloomberg commits perjury not protected by immunity.

Cy Vance prosecuting the thieves that robbed St. Vincent’s anytime soon?

Cy do you owe Mark Guma and his wife favors? Cy Vance if we can prove Christine Quinn broke campaign laws are you going to prosecute. I am concerned her Goldman Sachs community guy on NYC gov payroll is fund raising for her mayoral run on NYC gov time and that Quinn is using tax payer money to buy votes?

Cy Vance I called your Integrity Hotline the day it opened and reported Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn giving you articles from newspapers as proof and you did ZERO!

Rudin MLK Vigil Hospital Update Info Interrupted 911 Call Man Collapses!

The guy who collapsed is okay and was taken to Beth Israel where they promised to follow up with a check up.

Experiencing extreme exhaustion....

Will protest Monday morning probably 9am to 10:45

Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupy Wall Street 6 Arrested Bank of America

Deputy Inspector Edward Winski of the 1st Precinct makes a cameo in the video as the OWS protestors occupy Bank of America and are arrested in a peaceful protest MLK day.

Please give me the names of the top Bank of America crooks arrested that help destroy our economy?

You can’t because they were not arrested!

2. Estimated $20 Billion to Settle Foreclosure Fraud

In June, Associate U.S. Attorney General Tom Perrelli said that America's biggest mortgage companies expect to pay up to $20 billion to settle claims of widespread foreclosure abuse. The five firms in the government's crosshairs are Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial, all accused of violating the False Claims Act, defrauding taxpayers in their management of foreclosures on homes bought with Treasury-backed loans. Federal audits revealed that the banks lied to the Federal Housing Adminstration, filing for federal reimbursement on foreclosed homes with false claims.

"Flawed mortgage banking processes have potentially infected millions of foreclosures, and the damages to be assessed against these operations could be significant and take years to materialize," said FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair in testimony given to the Senate Banking Committee in May.

Mayor Bloomberg Booed Harlem MLK Tribute!

At one point, Mayor Bloomberg was met with a mixture of clapping and boos while touting rising test scores and record low crime rates and saying, "We are clearly moving in the right direction.”

Reminder tonight --- we had the MLK Vigil tonight -- at 120 West 12th Street in front of St. Vincent’s Hospital now being made in to luxury condos so in the Spirit of Dr. King We Dreamed

18sec man passes out on ground in front of St. Vincent's Rudin's lux condos -- not a protestor! Rescue workers come to take man that passed out to Beth Israel -- he will be okay. Jim Fouratt interviewed 1:06

No Rudin security around -- the usual harass us and shocking and petty ways at protests but tonight when we could have used their help no where to be seen. Christine Quinn Parody likening herself to Dr. Martin Luther King and Jane

Suzannah B. Troy Breaks 400,000 YouTube Views!!!!!

Thanks and Gratitude!!!!!!!!!!

MLK Vigil Turns Into 911 Emergency 120 W St. Rudin Lux Condos

MLK Vigil Turns Into 911 Emergency 120 W St. Rudin Lux Condos

Christine Quinn Dr Martin Luther King

Occupy Wall St Activists Join Louis and Suzannah

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kim’s Video Lisbeth Mikel

Went and bought Trilogy “Girl with Dragon Tattoo” although I hate the title -- real title “The Men Who Hate Women”.

I kept renting ever version possible on Itunes so I decided to buy the extended version. I fast forward through all the violence.

I love Michael Nyqvist for his vulnerability which in the American remake is completely lost because Daniel Craig looks like he spends hours at the gym not doing investigative journalism.

Craig’s body is sizzling hot but not realistic for an investigative journalist and the vulnerable sweet character than is rescued in the first book by Lisbeth.

Craig is a super hottie and no one including me would toss him about of bed but it was a mistake on Finch’s part to allow Craig to so buff, he isn’t playing James Bond. Middle age guys tend to have paunches...ho hum.

Obsessed with this triology. Have the books on my Iphone, bought the books, rented and now bought the extended dvd’s. Now I want to see the original Wallender advertised on the DVD but of course I can’t find them. Ironic that Kenneth Branagh plays the British version of Wallander and exudes a vulnerability that the Swedish actor doesn’t.

Beyond love Noomi Rapace in this role because she brings an old age wisdom to Lisbeth. I love Lisbeth...beyond love.

Fast forwarding through all the violence and only watching the parts I like is much more enjoyable. Wish I could add even more scenes with Mikel and Lisbeth as well as Plague.

I imagine her with me and Mikel -- very comforting.

ps Yes I know who shops there told very nice....ho hum

Mayor Bloomberg Breasty Resignation 2012

Must see 2 YouTubes for breast lovers that want the mayor to resign in 2012 and believe Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn deserve to serve a term in jail.

These YouTubes address the largest White Collar Crimes EVER in NYC gov and mostly all tech contracts from an Orwellian Time Clock CityTime introduced by Rudy that never worked properly moving towards 1 billion dollars tax payer waste and fraud to the 911 tech system called ECTP another fraud of a mess plus countless other tech contracts that oops there were mega-millions in over runs of tax payer money and or fraud.

By the way can we have a mayor and or mayor candidate that takes the subway?

The “leaders” of city hall despite humble beginnings all develop Marie Antoinette complexes even as they try to pose as one of us. Start by taking a subway. Join Mike Bloomberg on his subway rides around NYC hardee har!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cooper Union Corrupt Real Estate Deals Rival NYU

Cooper Uniom NYU give live free classes to students and community on real estate greed destroying as well as endangering community.

Rudin NYU Greed Destroys Village

Dear Rudin Family -- Good luck getting your retired NYPD to find ways to get phony arrests to violate my first amendment right. Your greed and stupidity along with NYU and corrupt politicians you bought like cheap candy with your honorable Grand parents money is disgraceful. Amanda the People's Burden always read in favor of her rich greedy pals. Sam and May Rudin rolling over in their graves. Howard Rubenstein don't have a heart attack in the Village. You won't make it to Beth Israel.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NYPD Rape Cop’s lawyers Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel search images See my Poster Art

google Joe Tacopina and click images -- there I am holding my lamented poster with Joe Tacopina’s face and my words my powerful art....

ditto for Chad Seigel

in Seigel’s slanderous and moronic response to the Supreme Court Greivance committee in response to the grievance I filed in response to his “venus fly trap” analogy to women’s private parts and we are talking a bruised raped victim’s vagina as well as all women’s....

well Seigel did make it clear how fragile and sensitive he is and apparently my art offended him.

Great to know!

Christine Quinn Learn the Facts 2012

Rudin Greed Stupidity Sam May Rudin Turning Over in Grave

Christine Quinn leads in “bundled campaign donations” -- here is an example -- let us say you are a corrupt community crushing greedy developer like Bill and Eric get as many family members, friends and employees puppets included to donate to Christine Quinn who sold out her own district...

Quinn’s message to her own district from babies to grannies, to NYPD to FDNY and EMS is drop dead!

Ditto for bundling and corrupt creepy donations to Bloomberg’s mini-me starting withWall Street greed who give her wall street bail out money -- hint -- Quinn but Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs on her NYC gov payroll as a community liason -- what part of community is calling up wall street pals asking for donations...sure hope Tony doesn’t do that on NYC gov because if he did it is illegal.

For now Christine Quinn has unofficial immunity from the US Attorney and Manhattan DA -- look at her slow fund abuse and use of slush abuse and intimidation but one day we may have real US Attorney and a DA that apply the law and Quinn will serve a term in jail.