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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Poser Wanna be Brand Rev. Billy exposed Occupy Wall Street comments

If you want to lose my support keep up this silliness I want a completely secular movement Global in scope and dedicated to no Personality Cults. I don't need any Reverend, Priest,Rabbi,Pope telling me what to do. The Constitution guarantees my freedom from Religion as well as freedom of Religion. And don't you ever forget it !!!

[-] isupportoccupywallstreet 3 points 1 hour ago

i agree. this is sad. this guy should not be allowed to represent ows. Who chooses these videos?? also, why is no one there anymore? it is the center of a world movement. why even show it this way?

SuzannahBeeTroy 1 points 0 minutes ago

Too bad people give him the time of day. The green party backing him helped Bloomberg to barely win the mayoral election, Every vote counted. Too bad you don’t see this guy for the brand he “wants to be”.

[-] sanchiano 0 points 1 hour ago

great, two more reason im losing support for the occupiers: religious connections and protesters at a ron paul rally. somebody please unf@$k this mess, the same people who started OWS are not the same people who are planning things now. Whatever happened to ending the FED? sounds like infiltration by propaganda machine to move anger away from the FED. We fell for it again America