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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Deutsche Bank Behaving Like Nazi Germany Early Stages 60 Wall Street

Dear Occupy Wall Street:

Deutsche hired thugs with no id’s dress in black military attire and it was Nazi German early stages at 60 Wall Street tonight here is video

and plus another video is being posted tonight -- it involves in interview by an OWS activist that was harassed by the monster I was harassed by. They will not let you walk in wearing a sign or display a sign in any way. This monster says thinks like I f#%d your mom and when I was posting my tube an activist alerted same guy went out with the F bomb.

He refuses to verify Deutsche hired him, his name, he kept repeating to me he is no civil servant. What the YouTube and read the link. Another tube coming tonight from another activist same problem. Deutsche hired mercenaries possible US Veterans hired by German bank to act like Nazis and way worse than police will not identify and hide their faces from being filmed. Watch.

2nd YouTube from tonight....