May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The New York Times censorship and release Deutsche Bank story Friday 1:00 to make it disappear along with my comment

Three and half hours later --- The NY Times article on DB prohibition of signs comment moderators have censored my comment so I made my 3rd YouTube starting with my comment banned by The NY Times and footage Sunday night 60 Wall Street. Shame on The New York Times. I have had letters published 9 Times before I became critical of mayor Bloomberg. (includes video footage from OWS Constitution group fellow who like me was abused Sunday night. at the end I cover more information re: DB closure of bathrooms.

FYI -- DB has one goal and that is too evict OWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was assaulted in every way but physically hit because of DB's objective because I came to visit OWS.

The comment so threatening it has to be banned!

"I made two youtubes on my experiences but I am afraid NY Times censors will block my links plus another activist who's YouTube is referenced in the letter. They made me remove an article of art and a protest sign. In my opinion the DB spokesperson is less than truthful and it would been a matter of time before the other rules were enforced with the goal to evict OWS. Not reported -- verbal violence by one private military DB and all refused to tell me there names and employer; again of DB less than honest behavior. The DB security abuser repeated "I am not a civil servant.". He told me I would have to leave!!! I have written about a new disturbing trend set by DB and Brookfield of hiring private military or police that wear no identification which is unacceptable. It is yet another abuse of authority."

Not part of comment:
From Sunday night 60 Wall St - after I was forced to remove my sign around my neck and my art around my wrist.

2nd tube Thursday my Auschwitz Deutsche Bank sign outside 60 Wall St... I was so incensed and felt so violated came back made this YouTube
(don't mention I want DB to pay my friend compensation...his back broken Auschwitz! Thanks to DB nameless guards did back round check on DB -- not pretty -- financed Auschwitz build and profited from stolen Gold from Jews -- mostly all murdered....hmmmm. No press covered my powerful protest 60 Wall St. Gee, I wonder why.

to media: I promise you an international story is coming. Thanks again for blacking me out but as usual reading my blogs and poaching when ever --
you are welcome.

My 1st letter pub in NY Times and Holocaust!

1st letter ever published The Financial Times!
9 letters published until open critic of Bloomberg and shady real estate deals and now I am banned, censored and my work stolen sometimes -- not credited.

Note: Join our Hanukah lighting the first night Dec. 20 as we pray for a miracle on this auspicious night that Rudin management 120 W 12 sales offices -- Rudin Family the Mother Teresa of Real Estate join us in demanding a full service hospital. Rudin's luxury condos are replacing St. Vincent's...don't stupid rich people need a hospital too? 6:30 to 7Pm See you there!

NYPD officer shot has to make to Beth Israel and other hospital over whelmed with over flow same with baby to granny -- this is life of death- more important than bailing out banks who also got federal loans 9-11 while starving people have no food or health benefits.