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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eric Rudin Confronted by Suzannah B. Troy Do You Work for Bill Rudin?

Eric Rudin -- wait until end of my YouTube

This morning I found a YouTube on Bill Rudin and I just realized I had filmed Eric Rudin and never new it. I changed the title to from Rudin management laughing at us protestors to putting Eric’s name in title.

I realized I had captured yet another mega-Rudin looking like a moron on my Iphone....when I watched this YouTube interview with Bill Rudin and they show a clip of a documentary on

the Rudin family..

I realized Eric was the man I kept asking do you work for Bill Rudin and he would not answer me. Why couldn’t Eric simply respond, yes and I am Eric Rudin.

I ask Eric is this how the Rudin does business as I demand a hospital -- a full serve hospital in the West Village.

Here I get Bill Rudin

Bill is donating a school in the W. Village...what if schools kids need emergency care that the band aid faux hospital can’t take care of... ditto for the entire community?

Christine Quinn, Bloomberg (who built a hospital in Israel) and Scott Stringer have all failed us. Stringer just had a baby but his message to babies fighting for their lives in West Village is good luck making it to over crowded Beth Israel because he is a cowardly sell-out like Quinn. What about Nadler who wrote letter that Zuccotti Park had to be cleaned out and two faced Nadler is saying NYPD tactics all wrong...where is Nadler fighting for us for a hospital. What about Tom Duane, Deborah Glick, governor Cuomo and Howard Rubenstein.

All the Rudin’s donated aka kick backs to Bloomberg’s puppet Christine Quinn.

Here is the video I found and I recognized Eric Rudin’s smiling grin.

BuildingNY: William Rudin, pres.,

Rudin Management Company, Inc.

The original Rudins Sam and May would never have gone for luxury condos in what was a hospital.