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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DOB Commissioner Limandri Illegal Activity 2 Men Scaffolding

Just above 14th Street -- 3rd Avenue

You can see the man in the grey shirt and look to your right towards the one way sign --- really hard to see but a man in black directly across from him working on the scaffolding as pedestrians walk under neath which is no okay.

The two men could fall and if they do they could hurt themselves and hurt a pedestrian. They are not wearing protective gear. I believe there were others working with them.

Commissioner Limandri says to call but why bother? 311 and DOB are big jokes for the most part -- a huge waste of time and money.

These two men look like immigrant workers. If they get hurt do they go on DOB stats for injuries?

Would it be safe to say that DOB stats do not accurately portray the actual construction related injuries?

My guess is this photo show illegal activity and DOB will and has done squat. What for an injury and than maybe DOB will do something.

I don’t think so unless there is a death.

City Officials have all the politically correct words to say re: immigrants but do any of them do anything when it comes to their safety from Bloomberg on down?