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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deutsche Bank Says It 'Regrets' Nazi Deals -- Fast Forward 60 Wall Street

Deutsche Bank recreating early stages of Nazi Germany 60 Wall Street including (US soldiers ?) mercenaries who will not identify themselves or who hired them which an NYPD verfied is Deutsche. It is psychotic to say you fucked someone's mother which is what one Deutsche Banks's paid employees to saying this is beyond sick -- to do what --- chase people out of a public space.

Deutsche Bank FDNY Blood heroes Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino -- of course I blame the terrorists but clearly in my opinion Deutsche Bank and NYC gov played a roll and where is the accountability?

The behavior and actions by this bank early stages of Nazi Germany and beyond shameful.

The man I believe is potentially violent took a photo of me although he constantly tried to avoid being photographed. I would never ever set foot there again. It was truly the early stages of Nazi Germany and I will NEVER visit 60 Wall Street again.

NYPD officer Ng is from the transit bureau not traffic... he was okay but it was sad to see him laughing with the monster -- the most abusive creep and the NYPD chatting with the head Deutsche Nazi woman in the fur coat.