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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deutsche Bank Auschwitz Scream past to Now

Watch almost the very end when I talk about Deutsche Bank and the Nazi’s murdering my Jewish People who a Deutsche Bank employee? comes from behind stalking me and than suddenly gets as close to me as she can -- she does not strike me but waves her hand and arm up and down in front of my face trying to censor me -- underscoring my very point about Deutche Bank Nazi behavior having returned.

You have to be quite a monster to come up to a Jewish person talking about mass murder and extermination and do that kind of violent act. This woman’s actions are pure Deutsche Bank pure Nazi -- I am just grateful she did not strike me!

Thank goodness she did not actually strike me.

Thanks and gratitude to the NYPD for leaving me alone and look at the media if they are protecting and supporting Deutsche Bank’s murderous evil actions....amazing all around. One man getting food a the corner applauded me. Sunday Night DB private military Nazi’s that taught me a lesson......and evoked the response today outside DB.

DB could not build Auschwitz fast enough but they took their sweet time removing their death trap that took the heroic lives of FDNY Firemen.

Thanks to the NYPD for letting me be.

US politicians, led by Alan Hevesi, say they will try and block the merger until Deutsche Bank offers compensation for Holocaust victims.

From Suzannah B. Troy: I want Deutsche Bank to pay compensation all Auschwitz survivors and non-surviviors and or relatives if they have passed away. My friend was not compensated by DB.