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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Artist Suzannah B. Troy "The Scream" Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street from Auschwitz to Present Day

All I can sustain in my present state of health and exhaustion is a 5 minute scream. 12[30 to 12:35

Sunday night I went to visit Occupy Wall Street in a Public Space at 60 Wall Street and Deutsche Banks private security approached me and made me remove a sign I was wearing to demand a hospital from around my neck and an art work around my body. I saw verbal abuse, intimidation and the most abusive told me he was going to make me leave the Public Space. He refused to give me his name repeating over and over he is not a civil servant and he and all the security including a short woman in a mini-skirt and fur coat with tall boots their boss refused to say who employed them and NYPD outside told me Deutsche Bank.

I went home and googled Deutsche Bank and Nazi Germany based and their Nazi eque behavior and found out DB funded the building of Auschwitz as well as did the banking for all the stolen gold from Jews. DB is responsible for as many as 4 million people mostly Jews but political prisoners, LGBT and handicapped.

I know you are aware of the record number of Jewish children the Nazi's frightened were those children before they were murdered....

Do any of you have children? Have any of you seen your child express fear....imagine at the hands of the Nazis.

Deutsche Bank was as honest about their role which was clearly more than being Nazi bankers but in fact DB helped build Auschwitz fast enough to mass murder million of Jews but first robbed them, some were raped, all were starved, tortured and experienced the worse humiliations courtesy of Deutsche bank but as fast as DB funded construction of Auschwitz was DB's construction workers dragged their feet removing the death trap that would claim the lives of hero FDNY firemen Bobby Beddia and Joey Graffignino.

Deutsche Bank has FDNY blood on their hands and DB as eager to take responsibility for their role in hero FDNY deaths as DB security who refused to tell me who employed them just like DB pretended they had nothing to do with the robbery of gold of Jews and mass murder of millions of Jews.

No Auschwitz than perhaps over 4 million Jews and all of their descendants would be alive today?
My 1st letter in NYT. Went to visit Yad Vashem after -- same time Dad in what is now Poland. Guide lied and said he couldn't find Uncle's apt. because we believe he feared we would make a property claim. He than offered to sell Dad a piece of a Torah. To non Jews that is like asking to sell a piece of Jew's body. The Torah is to be buried the same way a Jewish person is. The on going cover-ups and lack of responsibility alive and well and Deutsche Bank has proven they have not learned their lesson.

Call Dr. Josef Ackerman of DB and ask him for a comment on his army plunked down in public with no identification and their foul mouths assualut direct quote
I fucked your mother. You are shit.

I will have a YouTube up tonight of my Scream in case you black this historic media event -- historic also because DB has come full circle recreating Nazi Germany early stages in 60 Wall Street discriminating against certain people -- stopping them and making them remove signs and in my case my art from my body like a Yamuke .

DB's private security dressed in black -- military presence on the public side walk and in POP public space privately owned has caused great upset to people and is an unacceptable trend that must not grow === no identification on their black military outfits and like DB's Nazi role including in mass murder no responsibility or accountability.

See you at 12:30 or watch my on YouTube when I post later today.

p.s. Separate issue from may passionate outrage -- a legal step has been taken re: 60 Wall Street.

Deutsche Bank Lawyers and NYPD lawyer have been sent a letter re: "Prohibition of Signs"
60 Wall St. by famed Civil Rights Lawyer Norman Siegel