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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Round-Up from Rape Cops to CityTime SAIC, ECTP NYCaps to City Gov Officials Cover-ups

1) The NYDN is selling Christine Quinn as mayor because my guess is the owner Mort Zuckerman wants Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me in office to protect his investments.

So what does the NYDN but do a full spread on women protecting themselves from sexual assaults selling Quinn as caring when she doesn’t. Where was she for the slut walk protests?

She has zero to say about the NYPD rape cop getting the heroin charge rolled in to a year.

Quinn is very selective about which women she speaks up for that are victims of violence.

I support the NYPD but that doesn’t mean I cover for corrupt cops.

Here I am outside 9th Precinct. I didn’t know we would not be marching past the precinct which was perhaps worked out by the NYPD?

2) NY Times doing a hit on John Liu to clear the way for Christine Quinn turning a blind eye to the US Attorney giving her unofficial immunity and making the slush corruption go away?
Make sure to read Josh Margolin’s piece on the fact Quinn has left a watch dog position on slush money empty almost as long as the US Attorney let the investigation just lay dormant.

Where are the arrests of City Gov officials and why aren’t we suing the companies and sub-contractors to try and get tax payer money back?

3) NYPD PBA Ticket Fixing to Favors for Whom? Can we have names starting with NYC gov officials?

4) Political porno Bloomberg Harris XXX as in xing out info they don’t feel the public has a right to see and in your face perjury by Mike Bloomberg at least 3 times besides breaking campaign laws which both carry jail time.

5) Hey New Yorkers do you know our sitting mayor was given immunity along with team Bloomberg mostly highly (over) paid individuals that Bloomberg paid in many ways from campaign to charity to NYC gov salaries to even dummy companies not Bloomberg news as exposed by The NY Post

Bloomie and over paid deputy mayors (past and present) given immunity -- and no one waived the immunity as in they know they could be found guilty of something but it is only acceptable to send Haggerty to jail.