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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Phony Poser Christine Quinn did not save Occupy Wall Street from Brookfield Brookfield wants as Much attention as Organized Crime Group


Bloomberg's Diana doll is on the board for park. (Mike has an Ed Koch Doll and he owns Charlie Rose his Ken doll ).

Brookfield website states 150 billion (BILLION) dollars worth of property and I give you link for DOE loan and a NYDN low balling the figure 700,000 dollars for Sept. 11 loans....

It was not corrupt phony poser Christine Quinn but the fact Brookfield doesn't want to look like bad with their handling of Occupy Wall Street with 9-11 bail-out $$$ which where did it go --- and ditto for Obama's DOE 135.8 million dollar loan -- where did that money go? Sure hope Brookfield loan is no where as embarrassing for President Obama like the solar company Solyndra he invested a fortune in of tax payer dollars that went belly up. Christine Quinn had nothing to do with Brookfield shutting up but perhaps the DOE and other loans had everything to do with it as well as real estate dealings they hope we don't know squat about so ignore the squattors for now is my guess for Brookfield’s change of heart.

Christine Quinn loves running over to Brooklyn to save fire houses she did not save or to acted concerned about women that are sexually molested when she wants a photo up.

Too bad Christine Quinn is such a liar, phony and a sell-out -- a real estate whore no offense to sex workers.

Look at her donors and her "community liason" NYC gov is Tony Simone a Goldman Sachs guy who curses out community members anti-Quin! I sure hope he isn't calling Goldman Sachs asking for donations for Quinn's mayoral run on NYC gov time because that would be breaking campaign laws!