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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Police Athletic League Campaigning For Corrupt Christine Quinn?

I don’t know but is it ethical if so?

The NY Times, NYDN and perhaps The NY Post are again willfully obtuse not recognizing Voter Anger and it is directed at Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me.

Note: Quinn is getting big bucks from developers as in a sell-out -- sold out the People and gathering up Wall Street bail-out money for her mayoral run for mayor. Hint: Her community person is Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs who cursing out critics of corrupt Christine Quinn -- sure hope he isn’t cursing out New Yorkers or fund raising on company time?

I am a supporter of PAL but I question this ethics of this but that is laughable with the US Attorney giving Christine Quinn unofficial immunity re: slush fund abuse and she has abused slush to push through a third term. If Dennis Vacco calls her to the witness stand in the Haggerty trial, Cy Vance will have to give the mayoral hopeful Quinn immunity like he gave Mike Bloomberg, Allison Jaffin, Fiona Reid, Pat Harris and Kevin Sheekey for the short list of Team Bloomberg and reminder first the Manhattan DA tried to prevent Haggerty from calling Team Bloomberg. When the Judge allowed Haggerty to actual defend himself Cy Vance gave everyone on Team Bloomberg immunity except Haggerty! It is laughable...almost....sad comedy as is the newspapers silencing voices in opposition and covering up for major corruption including for Bloomberg and Quinn along with the largest White Collar crimes ever in NYC gov. history...starting with CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS and countless Board of Ed corrupt deals but why aren’t we suing to get tax payer money back (with the exception of CityTime SAIC) and where are the arrests including of City Government officials. Why are the newspapers and investigators taking a closer look at lobbyists as well?

Dirty dealings and play re: Christine Quinn is a daily way of life Research Mark Guma Cy Vance, Mark Guma Christine Quinn, Christine Quinn Maura Keaney (Mark Guma’s wife) and question does Cy Vance owe Guma and Keaney favors because of the arrangement Guma made with Cy Vance dismissing campaign debt.?

Just wondering out loud.

New York City is like Ancient Rome and Mike explain to school kids how your perjured yourself in court two weeks ago at least 3 times, why you need immunity, why you employ and stand by Steve Rattner who pleaded the 5th 62 times and explain why The NY Times is pushing corrupt Christine Quinn doing attacks on her mayoral competition yet The NY Times gave Steve Rattner his own oped piece after paying to not plead guilty and paid to not go to jail in the pension funds.

Wasn’t it a conflict of interest for you to allow your money manager and best friend Steve Rattner to be involved in NY Pensions in the first place like isn’t it a conflict of interest PAL campaigning for corrupt Quinn?

Just wondering?