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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haggerty Trial a Joke Bloomberg and Quinn Should Be on Trial but he has Immunity

Laughable how full of crap these people are. Yeah right. This was like CityTime and SAIC, TechnoDyne, Spherion and the majority of sub-contractors and oh yeah Gartner doing quality control on Spherion doing quality control on SAIC CityTime! Simple math proves they are full of crap....There was no way in hell Haggerty could have spent 1.1 million dollars in 24 hours and either could Paris Hilton if she worked for Mike Bloomberg. No one reported this as a crime or did squat until The NY Post exposed Haggerty and why? Cy Vance was forced to do his job although Cy Vance is proving to be a big time failure giving immunity to Mike Bloomberg and his staff and letting the NYPD Rape Cop HEROIN be rolled in to a sentence year -- are you kidding me? So Cy Vance decided to do his job and Connolly rolls over in faced by some threat from Vance? I am just wondering because it wasn’t like Connolly or Mike Bloomberg ran to the NYPD or called Cy Vance’s Public Integrity Hotline which I did to report Bloomberg and Quinn. The Public Integrity Hotline for the Attorney General and Manhattan DA should just have an automatic recording Mike Bloomberg and his staff and Christine Quinn and her staff have immunity and are above the law and so is the DA. The AG Public Integrity refuses to investigate Cy Vances handling of the NYPD rape cop heroin.

Mike knew Haggerty could not spend 1.1 million dollars in a day and Mike did not care....Mike’s attitude was keep the change and Haggerty did. Mike never asked for the money back.

Google Fiona Reid and Steve Rattner. Mike stood by Steve and so did the owner of the NY Times giving Rattner an op ed piece in the NYTimes after pleading the 5th amendment 62 times. Well if Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello called Steve Rattner and asked him about his amoral activities and how Mike Bloomberg stood by him and even got him on Charlie Rose who Mike owns like a ken doll -- than Vacco Costello could highlight how this goes on all the time and Mike could care less and is careless with tax payer money, NY Pension like Rattner raid them -- his own money manager and did not want any money back from Haggerty.

WHY OH WHY DOES MIKE BLOOMBERG, PATRICIA HARRIS, KEVIN SHEEKEY, FIONA REID, ALLISON JAFFIN NEED IMMUNITY? If they are innocent why not waive their immunity? Vacco and Costello need to point that out to juries and than ask jurors in the closing argument if you had your car stolen, cash stolen, wouldn’t you go to the police? Yes but Mike Bloomberg did not. Mike never asked for the money back because he did not want it back. It was like this -- keep the change for doing my dirty, dirty work.

Mike funneled money to Haggerty the election before via the Republican Party.

Mike is the king of funneling money and look how he found countless creative ways to pay Team Bloomberg including NYC gov., money for working on his charity, money for working at his private empire, money for Allison Jaffin who also got money from NYC gov and charity from a dummy company that the NY Post exposed! And Wolfson a slimy campaign operative along with other low life campaign scum who helped pushed through an illegal third term all got 6 figure salaries courtesy of the tax payers -- as well as lavish salaries and perks courtesy of Bloomberg’s campaign...and how many were driven around courtesy of the tax payers like Pat Harris while working on Mike’s charity.

Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello need to tell the jury that the DA has the wrong guy here and the guy that should be prosecuted and his staff all have immunity and include corrupt Christine Quinn who pushed through a third term with Mike using slush and intimidation along with Mike Bloomberg.

  • Elaine Leirer · Top Commenter

    and Connelly just wrote these checks to Haggerty all by himself and didn't get the approval of party chairman Frank Mackay......give me a break.....and Sheeky didn't tell him that the money was for Haggerty.......give me a double break.....and the rules about housekeeping miney not being for candidates are confusing.......give me a triple break...they all are in this together and Mackay is hiding under his wife's skirt.

    • Elaine Leirer · Top Commenter

      and we are forgetting...Connelly got a piece of the action......