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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dennis Vacco Raymond Costello Question Mike Bloomberg under Oath today - They Could take him down, Cy Vance and Christine Quinn, They Could return NYC

I wish I had a law degree. I never ever wanted one and I can’t sit still and do anything in a main stream way but for the first time I wish I could take get the law degree express and start a suing up a storm and I want to cross exam people under oath.

Well today is the day a sitting mayor who broke campaign laws it to be cross examined and Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello could take him down. They could pull out the “campaign laws” rule book -- read excerpts and simply ask Mike Bloomberg did you break campaign laws?

Can Costello and Vacco call Cy Vance and Daniel Alonso and do the same thing? Vacco and COSTELLO call call Christine Quinn and ask her if she and the mayor abused slush fund money -- slush (tax payer money) and intimidation to push through a third term with the lie Quinn sold we needed Mike to help us with the economy and because of a back room deal Quinn Bloomberg made. They helped themselves and they and pals have grown richer as more New Yorkers live some where between a recession and depression.

Vacco Costello could ask Mike Bloomberg did he use slush, his charity money, his personal money he funneled as in “keep the change” like I believe he did with haggerty hence Mike never asked where did the money go.

Bloomberg King of Funneling money --- Allison Jaffin money mule - mike funneled money to lots of people and lots of perks as well...rides on air bloomberg and more...

This article refers to email mayor Bloomberg sent Haggerty he refused to share with The NY Post when the Post foiled them. Also on dirty emails and lobbyists (I set a record on blog posting and youtubing on these emails Mike Bloomberg sent.) Why haven’t Haggerty’s lawyers demanded emails from all of Mike’s dirty “team bloomberg” and from the last 2 elections.

Vacco Costello could take down Bloomberg, Quinn and Cy Vance if they wanted to....Right now they could take down the most corrupt NYC gov. in NYC history but they won’t. It will be interesting though -- they will give Mike Bloomberg who thinks he is the little emperor of NYC a hard time. Quinn already has delusions she emperor as well.

"That's a stricter policy than was in force in 2007, when the mayor's former Albany lobbyist, Anthony (Skip) Piscitelli, was discovered to have violated ethics rules by contacting administration officials in 127 e-mails soon after he left while representing private clients.”

(Hint: Look to the lobbyists on all the corrupt tech white collar crime scams nyc gov. blogged about that a record amount.)

Just off the topic but we know The NY Post is not going to foil Joel Klein’s emails anytime soon....Would the NYDN or NYTimes consider foiling Klein’s emails?

Read more:

Dirty Pat Harris already perjured herself on the witness stand. She lied and said she wanted to help Dennis Vacco.... but Vacco went easier on her and did not take her down. All he and Costello had to do was starting asking her about all the secrets she has so far covered up about how she works on Mike’s private business his charity that he helped use to steal a third term on NYC gov. time but they let her skate.

Today Vacco Costello could do what the founding fathers did sending the empire Great Britian packing.

Costello Vacco could take down the little emperor of NYC and return democracy to the city. They could radically change all our lives and return NYC to the people. They could take down a corrupt, bumbling DA who was have the shortest service because of rolling in a heroin charge NYPD rape cop, Deutsche bank, DSK etc.

Mike Bloomberg if Paris Hilton worked on your campaign -- she could not spend 1.1 million in 24 hours on your campaign so you and your deputies I believe knew it was as usual do my bidding, win for me at any costs and feel free to keep the change which is why you never asked for an accounting or money back.

Team Bloomberg all should be serving a term in jail and that includes corrupt Christine Quinn.