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Monday, October 17, 2011

Couple w/Baby Skull Fracture St. Vincent’s Closed! Emergency Protest Tonight W. Village We Need A Hospital!!!!!!
Click on link above to see the YouTube with out blog cropping out the Dad.

I am so proud of this YouTube and I want to dedicate it to Norman Seigel who I had to call before going to the protest with concerns re: the NYPD. Norman Seigel is AMAZING!!!!!
Thanks and gratitude Norman! Because of Norman I felt confident to go and do this work.

The NYPD did not harass us or show up in large numbers and do anything distressing except one plain clothes community affairs officer photographed us and actually Norman Seigel said they may have violated our rights!

I was asking Norman about getting a permit to protest Term Limits at City Hall and he said we don’t need them anymore. Norman Seigel you are truly the People’s Advocate. Now we just call up a number at City Hall and book a date like we are eating at a restaurant.
Norman won a victory for homeless people when Christine Quinn was up to her usual tricks....

By the way 2 members from Occupy Wall Street did show up to show support.

I interview Louis Flores and E. Diane Nichols at Protest

Protestors Go to Community Board 2 that mysteriously has the meeting in the East Village!

Suzannah Troy Sept. 11 St. Vincent’s Open...remember all the photographs and telephone numbers loved ones trying to find survivors....

Tom Duane Debra Glick Bloomberg Christine Quinn did not stand up and say NO You cannot close this hospital.

Land lock --- make zoning only for a hospital. Where is Christine a cocktail party?

Christine Quinn walked away from this community. She is busy getting kick backs from the Rudin family, other developers and Wall Street bail-out money.

The dogs and cats of the West Village have better medical options than the People thanks to Bloomberg and sell-out Christine Quinn.

Suzannah Troy with Karen outside Grace Church CB2 Meeting East Village

CB2 Meeting

Inside Community Board 2 Meeting sign says Morgue and Rudin Family Protest Banner in Back Drop held by Karen and Louis Flores who makes the beautiful banners and organized this noble protest.

9-11 Memorial Memories -- We need a hospital. Why were we here tonight?

We need a hospital in the West Village!