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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CityTime NYC Gov. Should Have Sued SAIC as Early as Feb. 2003! ECTP CityTime 2 but Bigger Scam?

Read the Valcich letter to Mark Hughes. The work assignment should have been halted on 2/20/2003 and a big gun lawsuit filed on behalf of the city to claw back every cent paid to SAIC.
Read the letter below posted on Cheating Culture.

Thanks for this note...Yes, I agree but dear one...there were too many corrupt greedy folks licking their lips, depositing tax payer money and keeping their mouths shut.

On the Valcich letter written Feb. 2003, you see at the bottom of each page the names Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson Comptroller and Department of Investigation had to be alerted.

Nothing was done and when Spherion consultants were caught stealing last year and guess who immediately ran to the media and than The John Gambling Show to praise SAIC but mayor Mike Bloomberg! Bloomberg knew about the Richard Valcich letter in 2003 and I believe he knew SAIC was robbing us and he just kept praising them -- the day after and all the news reporters who covered up for him by silencing voices in opposition did his critics a favor reporting his praise of SAIC right after the 80 million dollars theft was reported!!!!!

We have not even skimmed the surface and it gets down to sub-contractors as well with CityTime and ECTP. Read all my posts from 2 days ago on CityTime about the 3 SAIC big wigs fired and yesterdays piece on ECTP.

SAIC and Mike Bloomberg do not want the People of NYC compensated as early as Feb. of 2003 and it could in theory go back even further. Mike Bloomberg and SAIC do not want their people arrested either. They want this settled quickly, swept under the carpet and they hope forgotten. Here is my newest post on ECTP!!!!!! ECTP is the 911 Tech System dubbed CityTime 2 and could be a mega-robbery of tax payer money bigger than CityTime so far covered-up as in no arrests and no law suit to get out our money back with lots of out sourced consultants.