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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg Tid Bit? Does it Tie in to Housing Preservation Dept. Scandal? Oh - a friend told me to look at an old email I shared with him -- a little birdie sent me this we are wondering if there is any connection.

For instance were any of Wendell Walter’s projects in the Bronx.

Here is what I was sent to me..... January 17, 2011:

I was just writing a friend the following which I'm pasting here for you. Quinn and Bloomberg have cooked up a plan to deal with slum-lord buildings ( mostly in the Bronx
she says) which have been bought by banks and one conglomerate ( name I forget) kind of like default swaps were- bundled. These buildings are never brought up to code because " the owners aren't interested in being landlords ( read even slum-lords) so this
project takes 200 to 300 Million dollars from the Housing and Preservation Department Budget to fix up these properties and GIVE them free to Slum lords who want to be slum lords who will be the new recepients opf the rent rolls. Quinn claims tthe money will be returned to the city without interest and that in many cases the tenants will be able to own the buildings. I kind of doubt it- This looks like a gift from Bloomie to cronies. Some one should investigate this in greater depth.

Here's the clip from the letter to another friend.
I happened to go to a showing of "Capitalism, A love Story at a community Center in The East Village yesterday, a democratic ( "we don't actually call ourselves Democrats anymore" called CODA. Christine Quinn addressed ( with her commandant) our disheveled group of 20 or so. We were in regulation folding chairs in a small rec room of a
Cabrini residence ( or something very louche). The film was to be projected on the wall
about 3 feet wide using someone’s computer- there was bagged popcorn on paper plates and a few bottles of soda ( "contribution appreciated").
Quinn started in on her housing victories for the "underserved" and whitewashed the program I was griping to you about. Fortunately there was a Q&A and basically I was right- She claims the money ( 200- 300 million) will be returned by the new landlords to the city ( without interest, she bemoaned aptly) but I don't think it really will. No one else had figured itout and I sparked some interest but the crowd were not that bright- One old dame with breathing apparatus and in a wheelchair was a ticket asking why some of the
Deputy this and that's were not being canned and invoked the original City Charter.
It's hard to tell but it seems like Quinn has been bought by Bloomberg- whom I think really could care less about the disenfranchised. There's a mentally Ill Homeless man
spending the entire winter on a bench in Carl Shurz Park- which he doubtless prefers to the shelters, but even with blankets- that is one tough life!

For more on the corrupt Christine Quinn and affordable housing scandals along with other city council members.

Fast forwarded to the Housing Preservation Development scandal....