May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Christine Quinn Big Time Liar CityTime ECTP NYCAPS inspires City Council

Dept of Building Add Yet Another Death to Stats Cooked Like NYPD, 311 DOB Sham!

Mike Bloomberg Rupert Murdoch NY Pensions Restructuring A Halloween Store Involving Bloody Axes & 2 BILLIONAIRES!

Bloomberg Murdoch (2 percent of NY’s 1 percent) NY Pensions a horror movie ratedX for violence and how many New Yorkers are being screwed.
Hint: Pension restructuring should have happened in the 1st term. NY Pensions Liu over saw -- 95M$ in Murdoch's News on about how and why Bloomberg Murdoch axed Liu and why Murdoch key player in restructuring Liu our comptroller out who makes Thompson look a he was in a coma all these years serving as comptroller.

Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updates Occupy Wall St. Staying...Read NY Pensions Bloomberg Murdoch Hatchet Job

Occupy Wall Streeters did not get evicted tonight despite having their generators removed to makes this blizzard even harder to endure but Rupert Murdoch not an official ruler oops NYC gov official along with recently deposed king of New York Mike Bloomberg did evict John Liu from any power and control....the death blows were prepared with attacks from The NY Times 1st on campaign laws allegedly broken by John Liu rumored to be done in Rudy style and than came the double hatchet Bloomberg Murdoch death blows payback for Liu exposing Mike Bloomberg as the most corrupt inept mayor shutting down The Tax Payer’s Titanic CityTime and ECTP aka CityTime 2 but Rupert Murdoch wanted to shut Liu out because of Liu controlled 95 million dollars in stock of the NY Pensions in News Corp and demanded Murdoch’s ouster because of the phone hacking scandals which I found in Gawker article. You do have to click on all my links like a cracker jack boxes until you get to the Gawker article and The NY Times article on Liu shutting Murdoch out of a 27 million dollar deal with NYC gov board of ed schools and Rupe’s Wireless Generation.....

so instead of pension reform in the 1st term we get it now to keep the 1 percenters in charge of pensions so they can exploit rob raid the NY Pensions worth mega billions -- oops I meant to say manage them.

Is Steve Rattner going to advise Mike on the pensions or is being banned by the SEC for pay to play NY Pensions enough of a message it is a conflict of interest? How about Goldman Sachs who did an awful job handling the FDNY and NYPD’s pensions. Mayor Mike Bloomberg more than bungled CityTime, pushed SAIC like cocaine at a Hollywood party and allowed ECTP to balloon over 2 Billion dollars and it is still a mess, he did a lousy job two terms with pensions but now cutting out John Liu the only comptroller to shut down massive white collar crime fraud and tax payer abuse out is going to some how help when they combine all the pensions or even a big revolving door for abuse?

Notify NYC City Parks to Close

ALERT issued 10/29/11 at 8:00 PM. No one should enter any City Park until further notice. Heavy snow and strong wind gusts, combined with full leaves still on trees, are damaging thousands of trees in parks throughout the City. This is creating an elevated and ongoing danger of falling branches and trees. City crews are working to address the damage and will continue throughout the storm.Wow is this another ploy to close Zuccotti Park and push protestors out?
Louis Flores and I were chatting when he got the alert!

Maybe the NYPD won’t close the Zuccotti Park real name Liberty Park because of the Brookfield connection isn’t quite a public park is it?

Suzannah B. Troy Blizzard Update Freezing Rain to Bloomie Rupe Fast One NY Pensions to Tacopina Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers Rude Sexually Ignorant V

Yo, first I got caught in the freezing rain. I didn’t bring my own bags to carry home food from Whole Foods so their double bagged paper shopping back broke in the middle of the street with 2 beautiful apples rolling into filthy dirty black water. My hands were numb with cold. Needless to say I didn’t bring the apples home. What a waste of money and fruit. (note i downloaded Steve Jobs bio on to my iphone -- my eyes get tired so it is audio unabridged. )

How is Occupy Wall Street doing? Go to this link and make sure to follow like a treasure hunt the links until you get to the dish on Brookfield, Occupy’s landlord being worth $150 Billion yes 150 BILLION dollars and they got big loans from our Federal Government! about the loans. I am eager for an update from Occupy.

One percent of the richest folks USA will control NYC pension with Mike Bloomberg's help -- just like he helped CityTime to be the Tax Payers Titanic.
The pension restructuring should have happened in the 1st term.
How convenient the pensions restructuring that should have happen in Bloomberg’s 1st term has been restructured to cutting out John Liu/Comptroller from every taking action with the massive stock the NY pension happens to own of News Corp. If you have not followed my links like a treasure hunter to the Gawker article you have missed the point of what I am saying so wake-up and you need to know about Wireless Generation and read the link i posted from NYTimes on Liu putting the kibosh on 27 million dollar deal Rupe’s Wireless Generation NYC gov schools....amazing how much power Rupe has and he doesn’t like being interfered with.
I dare anyone in the media to ask Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel if they have any idea why rapes are up and under reported in NYC.

I urge you to write the supreme court and express your outrage that a lawyer compared women's genitals in court to a venus fly trap.
I believe in freedom of speech but calling a hate crime that encourages even more violence towards women to be punished.
Tell me the fix was not in and I will laugh in your face. I have video on Youtube of Brian King who works for Tacopina Seigel and a vile creature who would not give me her name bragging that it was going to be an acquittal. What did they know that we did not? Did they have the dinner date with the jurors planned before the trial ended as well?

I was threatened with a law suit by Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel....never served me just like Casey Anthony's lawyer threatened a woman blogger as well.
As an artist rewarded to know Chad Seigel upset my posters dehumanizing him and Tacopina. I wrote $750 an hour on Tacopina forehead as well as over their faces my outrage at putting the rape victim on trial and comparing our genitals to a fly trap.

Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina are everything secretly ignorant of women’s plumbing and or filled with hatred and fear and lots of anxiety about women’s vaginas.

Click on photo to read about Cha Seigel and Joe Tacopina needing an anatomy lesson!

John Elligon of The NY times covered up for Chad Seigel refusing to even report Chad Seigel's name when identifying his hateful analogy posed as a question.

Occupy Wall Street -- How are they doing?

There generators have been removed -- another unkind move by Bloomberg and gang to flush them out of Brookfield’s Zuccotti Park real name Liberty Park.

Read yet another example of Christine Quinn being a big phony taking credit for everything but World Peace and the dirt on Brookfield and why they want as much attention as an organized crime gang.

Chad Seigel Tacopina Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Suzannah Troy's Grievance

Supreme Court Dept. of Disciplinary Committee not going to punish Chad D. Seigel, Esquire but the Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee does echo the sentiment of Judge Carro in relation to the crude and inappropriate term Chad Seigel used in defending his client(s) in the underlying rape trail, it does not rise to the level of misconduct warranting discipline pursuant to the NY Rules of Professional Conduct.

Folks -- Chad Seigel and Joe Tacopina got away with putting the rape victim on trial and an in your face hate crimes against women. Rapes are up and under reported. Another NYPD officer has been exposed raping yet another innocent woman and another NYPD officer has been exposed involved with drugs -- as making money off of drugs. Why not since Cy Vance has given a message to the NYPD -- go for it with drugs and you will get barely a wrist slap rolling the heroin in the NYPD rape cop’s locker in to a year sentence.

In Chad Seigel’s response to the grievance he gives me the full Tacopina Seigel rape treatment and slanders me and Veterans from WW2, Korea and Viet Nam as well as LGBT activists who bothered to protest in front of their law offices with me because we objected to their behavior in court and putting the NYPD rape victim on trial.

Anyone who cares you too can write and complain for Chad Seigel comparing women’s genital in question form to a (Venus) Fly Trap. This file is closed with in thirty days folks unless you care to write them and tell them your opinion -- at least we can make the file a bit thicker and send a message.

You don’t get to prey on us, rape us because we a drunk, how we are dressed or even naked, it doesn’t matter if we are dressed provocatively from babies to grannies stop the violence towards women, the rapes and murders. Click on the link to see the photos of the Art Posters I made to dehumanize these misogynist lawyers and it worked. I can show you Chad Seigel’s upset in his own words sent to the committee as he beat me up lying up me and trashing me. I call it lying and slander when he says I sent to his offices to harass him. I had a protest in front of his office with the permission of the NYPD.

Write to:

Department Disciplinary Committee

Supreme Court, Appellate Division

First Judicial, Department

61 Broadway

NYC, NY 10006 re: Chad Seigel, Esq. Docket No. 2011.1204

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Restructures Pensions to Neutralize John Liu to Protect Rupert Murdoch as well as Pay Back

Stu Loeser/Marc La Vorgna (Mayor), (212) 788-2958October 27, 2011

Mayor Mike Bloomberg keeps Steve Rattner on his private payroll despite being banned by the Sec for his role in pay to play NY Pensions and Rattner pleading the 5th 62 times so I am curious to know if Steve Rattner will be advising Mike Bloomberg on the pension restructuring.

Mike Bloomberg continues to open doors even wider -- revolving doors of corruption and Mike Bloomberg rewards a culture of failure but only in his public empire aka NYC gov. CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NY Pensions including pay to play Steve Rattner, Board of Ed NYC schools, etc.

I will give you Stu and Marc’s response as soon as I get one!

Why Bloomberg and gang trying to shut Liu down, the Unions, Liu could win if he runs for mayor and this from Gawker....
Among News Corp.'s larger investors are New York City's five pension funds, which collectively own a $92 million chunk of the company. And New York City Comptroller John Liu, who manages the funds, is joining a shareholder revolt that seeks to oust Murdoch, his two sons James and Lachlan, and a number of other Murdoch cronies from the company's board on account of all the lying to Parliament and running their British newspapers like a massive criminal conspiracy.

(Note from Suzannah....Is this why Mike is finally attempting to restructure pensions or should I say neutralize Liu?)

At least Mike Bloomberg’s thugs don’t us

At least Mike Bloomberg’s thugs don’t use guns to try and shoot some one down -- that would be beneath Mike....stay tuned...

and don’t foret Liu vs. Murdoch’s tech deals NYC schools

Murdoch wanted to go global and NYC schools was to be a feather in Murdoch’s empire...

Brookfield Occupy Wall Street’s 1% Landlord Could Provide Solar Panels and Heated Tents for Occupy Wall Street

ps How is Brookfield worth 150 billion dollars doing with all those mega-millions of dollars they got from our Federal government for 9-11 and also Dept. of Energy?

Hilarious Christine Quinn tried to take credit for getting Brookfield to back down!
Maybe Brookfield can give Occupy Wall Street some solar panels and some warmth since they got 137 million dollar Dept. of Energy loan.

How the media including the NY post blacks out Occupy Wall Street health care protest march that ended in front of St. Vincent’s open 9-11 closed now thanks to corrupt politicians and real estate greed. The Rudins donating big to corrupt Christine Quinn who let the hospital close and it is in her district. She has sold what was left of her soul to the Rudins.

Mayor Bloomberg NY Pensions Another Revolving Door for Corruption Not Progress!

Mike Bloomberg 1% of 1% NYC Hands Off Pensions! CityTime, ECTP & Me!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daily Koz Occupy Wall Street March Health Care St. Vincents!!! Blacked Out By NYDN NYPost NYTimes!

Keith Olbermann Reports Occupy Wall Street Health Care March St. Vincent’s We Need A Hospital West Village

Suzannah Troy (that’s me) YouTube on Daily Kos! Yeah!

Reminder -- check this out for more on biggest White Collar Crimes EVER NYC gov. history and video footage from OWS St. Vincent’s and WellCare part of Health care march...

The NY Times Won’t Publish This Letter Tenants Protest Conditions at 515 East 5th Street East Village Politicians In Tow, Tenants Protest Conditions at 515 East Fifth Street

Dear Editor,

I have to say that your coverage of the press conference and the grievances of the "remaining" long-time tenants there was slanted and not worthy of affiliation with the New York Times. More than half the text was either a direct quoted comment from Marvin Mitzner, high-powered zoning attorney and the legal representative of the building owners in litigation with/against the tenants association and later Corporation Counsel, or else he was being paraphrased. The piece was full of factual errors and provided no context even for Mitzner and his legal chicanery which is well documented by looking at the legal record in the cases brought against the building owners and their ensuing appeals. Shame on you for not doing your homework. This has been a David and Goliath fight from the very beginning when the current building owners threatened all residents of the building with eviction no more than 3 weeks after taking ownership. The fight is and always has been between the tenants association, now down to three people, and the Dept. of Buildings which has handicapped the tenants by illegally allowing illegal work and then refusing to 1) use its legal authority granted under the Multiple Dwelling Laws of 1929 as amended to issue vacate orders for illegally constructed and/or altered apts. and; 2) a gross failure to enforce even its own violations, the few (relatively) they have been forced into issuing. In response, those tenants have had to defend themselves against frivolous litigation and abusive living conditions. At least one was hauled into Supreme Court to defend him/herself against a SLAPP suit. That same tenant also defended him/herself against four eviction proceedings in Housing Court. Others also had to defend themselves in Housing Court on multiple occasions. The tenants association initially successfully fended off a phony demolition threat being instrumental in bringing this issue to the attention of the public at large, and successfully litigated against the DOB at the Board of Standards and Appeals not once, but twice. First on ZR 23-692 (Sliver Law) and then on MDL 211 along with 514-516 E. 6th St. Both cases were won by the tenants with unanimous decisions at the BSA. The first was appealed by the Shaouls up to the Appellate where it was finally dismissed so that is res judica. The MDL case which has to do with the requirement to fully fireproof a non-fireproof tenement if you add vertically is important for the following reason: the DOB and the owners have averred and apparently keep saying that the "costly" installation of a sprinkler system (a whopping $30k maybe) is superior to the strict requirements of the MDL which mandates among other things a fully enclosed 3 hr. fire rated stairwell, the 3 hr. fire rating of all floors and ceilings, etc. But the recent fire at the building puts this lie to the test. In that fire caused by workers a fire spread through interior walls and was only extinguished by the Fire Dept. which had to tear out a ceiling to prevent it from spreading any further. The infamous sprinkler system was not triggered so alot of good it would have done. If that fire had not been reported instantaneously by the workers it would probably have spread throughout the building and might have caused deaths. That is precisely what the MDL laws are there to prevent and precisely why the tenants have spent so much of their valuable time fighting this fight. The tenants have always said that if the building owners and the DOB don't like the State Laws they should seek to have them amended legislatively but until then they must be enforced. The BSA agreed. The story is dramatic and heroic from the tenants' side but you ignored it. The fact is that these issues transcend the particular players involved. They are, instead, significant because they indicate a predisposition at the DOB to allow illegal construction which places tenants in increased jeopardy and at risk for displacement. We are talking about rent regulated tenants and that is crucial to the story since these buildings are targeted by speculators specifically because for that reason. It is part of the metric of investment. Do us all a favor and don't cover the story if you are just going to act with overt bias.


A Person Who Knows the Facts of this Case

p.s. from Suzannah B. Troy: I found this link on Ben Shaoul

Daniel Robert Occupy Wall Street WellCare Protest: Suzannah Troy Interview Daniel Robert from Academy Award Nomination Woody Allen’s Interiors to MS

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can I Say I love you? Before you steal my smile

love is the feeling....greatest....amazing how people try to rob me of my loving feeling and my smile.....

CityTime NYC Gov. Should Have Sued SAIC as Early as Feb. 2003! ECTP CityTime 2 but Bigger Scam?

Read the Valcich letter to Mark Hughes. The work assignment should have been halted on 2/20/2003 and a big gun lawsuit filed on behalf of the city to claw back every cent paid to SAIC.
Read the letter below posted on Cheating Culture.

Thanks for this note...Yes, I agree but dear one...there were too many corrupt greedy folks licking their lips, depositing tax payer money and keeping their mouths shut.

On the Valcich letter written Feb. 2003, you see at the bottom of each page the names Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson Comptroller and Department of Investigation had to be alerted.

Nothing was done and when Spherion consultants were caught stealing last year and guess who immediately ran to the media and than The John Gambling Show to praise SAIC but mayor Mike Bloomberg! Bloomberg knew about the Richard Valcich letter in 2003 and I believe he knew SAIC was robbing us and he just kept praising them -- the day after and all the news reporters who covered up for him by silencing voices in opposition did his critics a favor reporting his praise of SAIC right after the 80 million dollars theft was reported!!!!!

We have not even skimmed the surface and it gets down to sub-contractors as well with CityTime and ECTP. Read all my posts from 2 days ago on CityTime about the 3 SAIC big wigs fired and yesterdays piece on ECTP.

SAIC and Mike Bloomberg do not want the People of NYC compensated as early as Feb. of 2003 and it could in theory go back even further. Mike Bloomberg and SAIC do not want their people arrested either. They want this settled quickly, swept under the carpet and they hope forgotten. Here is my newest post on ECTP!!!!!! ECTP is the 911 Tech System dubbed CityTime 2 and could be a mega-robbery of tax payer money bigger than CityTime so far covered-up as in no arrests and no law suit to get out our money back with lots of out sourced consultants.

Occupy Wall St. Joins St. Vincent's Timothy Lunceford Call NYC Gov Offic...

Occupy Wall Street March Join’s St. Vincent Protestors Photo by Suzannah Troy

Occupy Wall St. March to St. Vincent's Dr. Kaufman Rousing Speech!

Occupy Wall Street Marching On St Vincents

Occupy Wall Street Katie Robbins Speech St Vincent Health Care For All!

Occupy Wall Street Joins Protest Yetta Kurland St Vincents!!

Occupy Wall Street joins St. Vincent's Protest! Hear that Rudin Family? We Need a Hospital

Occupy Wall Street pre- OWS March on St. Vincent’s Nurse Dunn Suzannah Troy for OWS

Occupy Wall Street Protesting WellCare Katie Robbins Health Care for All!

People Protesting waiting for Occupy Wall Street to Join them!!!!
Health Care for All -- This wonderful group waiting for OWS to march from downtown to Empire Blue Cross to WellCare and than they joined us at St. Vincent’s!

Occupy Wall Street Health Insurance St Vincents Protest Press Release

New York, NY – Oct 26 – Activists from and allies of Occupy Wall Street will be marching to St. Vincent’s Hospital today to highlight the greed and corruption that lead to the hospital’s devastating closure in 2010. St. Vincent’s was a Catholic-run hospital, which had a charity mission to serve the under-insured and uninsured. St. Vincent’s lacked the corporate clout to negotiate fair reimbursement rates from profit-driven insurance companies, leading to financial instability. Moreover, the short-term focus of the highly-paid executives and consultants pushed St. Vincent’s into bankruptcy – leading to a public health emergency: there is now no hospital on the Westside below 57th Street. Two months ago, The New York Post reported that the Manhattan District Attorney was investigating whether hospital executives intentionally let St. Vincent’s fail, so that the Rudin Management Company could buy the hospital’s real estate as part of a controversial luxury condominium development project. (1) Rudin paid pennies on the dollar to buy the hospital’s real estate, and Rudin now stands to sell luxury condominiums and townhouses, once constructed, that are expected to have a combined fair-market value of over $1 billion.

“People can’t get the healthcare they need when they need it, precisely because of the corporate desire for making profits by denying healthcare coverage and access to sick patients,” states Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal of Physicians for a National Health Program. “I have a health insurance plan with a $15,000 deductible. My family rations care all the time because we can’t afford the out-of-pockets costs,” explains Katie Robbins, supporter of Occupy Wall Street and member of Healthcare-NOW! NYC. “We have to get Wall Street out of our healthcare system.” Anger towards the Wall Street-controlled healthcare system inspired today’s march, which is set to also target Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and WellCare. The march was initiated by a working group of Occupy Wall Street called Healthcare for the 99%, which is composed of healthcare workers and people who seek to end inequality in our healthcare system and our society. ### (1) WHEN: Wednesday, October 26, 3pm - 7pm WHERE: Starting at Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park), Broadway and Cedar MARCH DETAILS: Assemble 3pm at Liberty Square (corner of Bway and Cedar), Speak-out at 4pm 4:15pm – Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield / One Liberty Plaza ARRIVE 5:30pm - WellCare / 110 5th Ave 6pm – St Vincent’s Community Hospital / 12th St & 7th Ave

Occupy Wall Street Occupy St. Vincent’s Hospital, Well Care, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Today!

I am waiting for press release but see you at Union Square tonight.

Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me allowed St. Vincent’s to close and in her own district. The developers The Rudin Family want condos not a full service hospital that would service the community and employee larges amounts of New Yorkers -- just another reminder why Quinn, Mike’s mini-me should never ever be mayor.

I will have my iphone and video camera on film mode.

ps I wish they were also protesting HIP who had Palladian write me I cannot have physical therapy for my neck which is hard for me to turn or Oxford after my knee surgery who didn’t give me enough therapy so my knee is weaker and smaller. I am luck I have health insurance but the costs are obscene and really not afforable and they care is crappy with doctors cramming people in billing not caring except for my primary care MD.

Read about the largest White Collar Crimes ever exposed so far NYC gov and rumor has it that ECTP 911 Tech system even bigger and don’t forget NYCAPS only went over budget 300 million as we have hundreds more school workers laid off....thanks for your expert managerial and biz skills Mike Bloomberg.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Immunity Again of SAIC CityTIme goes to Court.... Part 2 Mike Bloomberg Naked SAIC CityTime Scandal....

why SAIC and Mike want this shut down -- a settlement but how the NYC tax payers are being screwed because this went way back to ---- perhaps the beginning or pretty darn about Rudy Giuliani who brought in CityTime and SAIC?

Mike Bloomberg NYC Gov SAIC Conspire to Cover-up Depth of Corruption

Conspiring to cover-up why...? To prevent a far larger pay-out even minus RICO charges which I want and arrests NYC gov. officials and SAIC and possibly ex-SAIC staff.....???????

Hey folks don’t forget sub-contractors -- plus ECTP and NYCAPS, how about 311 --
revolving door corruption.....???????

Mark Hughes passes the corruption baton to........ Deborah Alderson

Mayor Bloomberg Naked SAIC CityTime Term Limits Haggerty Brookfield Occupy Wall Street

Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy St. Vincent’s Wednesday March 26

The Coalition for a New Village Hospital joins #Occupy Wall Street and

Healthcare for the 99% Working Group and

Hands Off St. Vincent’s to

#Occupy St. Vincent’s

A Teach-in on the direction of health care in New York and the USA and a call to restore a hospital at the site of St. Vincent’s

Wednesday, October 28, 2011, 5:30 PM

At the site of the old St. Vincent’s Hospital

7th Avenue at West 12th Street

Teach-in participants will be joined at 6:00 PM by marchers from the

March Against the Health Insurance Industry

organized by Healthcare for the 99%

March Details:

· 4:00 PM Zuccotti Park/Liberty PlazaShare your personal struggles with our healthcare system

  • 4:30 PM – Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield / One Liberty Plaza: located across the street from Zuccotti Park, Empire is a subsidiary of WellPoint, the largest publicly-traded health insurance company.
  • 5:30 PM – WellCare / 110 5th Ave: the for-profit company that administers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs in New York and other states. Currently being investigated for fraud with estimates that WellCare illegally siphoned $400 million to $600 million from state health insurance programs for the poor.
  • 6:00 PM – Teach-in at St Vincent’s Hospital

Don’t allow our hospital to be turned into luxury Condos for the 1%.

Stand Up. Fight Back. Teach In.

For more information, visit: or Twitter: #OccupyStVincents

Azi Paybarah "Occupy Mike Bloomberg"

Azi Paybarah
oh, okay. protester yells "occupy mike bloomberg!"

NYPD Cop Drugs for Oral Sex...Just like NYPD Rape Cop?

Remembert NYPD Rape Cop Moreno had Heroin in his locker. I again urge all of you that can use their real name to write the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and demand he investigate Cy Vance’s handling of the heroin rolling it into a year sentence! The heroin was there to barter for oral sex or to plant on someone. I am guessing oral. go to link to see media black out protest city hall Bloomberg yesterday and vote Christine Quinn and Cy Vance out of office.

I wrote Internal Affairs and I was there in person when I found a fake NYPD parking placard that I could not get the NYPD to even look at it and I told IA my theory the heroin was in exchange for oral sex.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Term Limits Anniversary Protest Tomorrow City Hall

Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn flushed democracy down the toilet!

Come tomorrow Sunday, Oct. 23, 2PM City Hall park under 20 people -- over 20 we move to the side walk east side of City Hall by subway entrances and protest Bloomberg Quinn shoving through a 3rd term without the People of NYC voting!

Christine Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a 3rd term to help us with the economy.

Have they helped you with the economy ?

Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want mayor Bloomberg for a 4th Term from the Golf Course!

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me!
October 22, 2011 New York – Taxpayers and voters are gathering at City Hall Park on Sunday, Oct. 23, at 2 p.m., to commemorate the three-year anniversary of “The Day That Democracy Died” : when Speaker Christine Quinn strong-armed the City Council to extend term limits, allowing herself, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and others to run for a third term in office.
“Since they changed term limits, more people are living in poverty in New York City. Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg’s wealth has grown over three-fold while has been in office,” said Louis Flores. “With Christine Quinn’s help, Mayor Bloomberg has been laying off police, firefighters, and teachers ; closing senior citizen centers ; cutting childcare ; and closing hospitals – just basically shredding the social safety net. Also, how is Mayor Bloomberg allowed to make money from inside information through his new company called Bloomberg Government ?”
Protesters will hold a rally, make speeches, and distribute voter registration applications, so that Speaker Christine Quinn and other City Council Members, who passed the term limits extension, can be voted out of office in 2013.

Phony Poser Christine Quinn did not save Occupy Wall Street from Brookfield Brookfield wants as Much attention as Organized Crime Group


Bloomberg's Diana doll is on the board for park. (Mike has an Ed Koch Doll and he owns Charlie Rose his Ken doll ).

Brookfield website states 150 billion (BILLION) dollars worth of property and I give you link for DOE loan and a NYDN low balling the figure 700,000 dollars for Sept. 11 loans....

It was not corrupt phony poser Christine Quinn but the fact Brookfield doesn't want to look like bad with their handling of Occupy Wall Street with 9-11 bail-out $$$ which where did it go --- and ditto for Obama's DOE 135.8 million dollar loan -- where did that money go? Sure hope Brookfield loan is no where as embarrassing for President Obama like the solar company Solyndra he invested a fortune in of tax payer dollars that went belly up. Christine Quinn had nothing to do with Brookfield shutting up but perhaps the DOE and other loans had everything to do with it as well as real estate dealings they hope we don't know squat about so ignore the squattors for now is my guess for Brookfield’s change of heart.

Christine Quinn loves running over to Brooklyn to save fire houses she did not save or to acted concerned about women that are sexually molested when she wants a photo up.

Too bad Christine Quinn is such a liar, phony and a sell-out -- a real estate whore no offense to sex workers.

Look at her donors and her "community liason" NYC gov is Tony Simone a Goldman Sachs guy who curses out community members anti-Quin! I sure hope he isn't calling Goldman Sachs asking for donations for Quinn's mayoral run on NYC gov time because that would be breaking campaign laws!

Cooper Union President Jamshed Bharucha Why the Greed and Stupidity Evicting St. Marks Book Store -- call Cooper Union say no!

Dear Suzannah

Please contact Cooper Union President Jamshed Bharucha immediately. or (212) 353-4250.

A Board committee is meeting on Monday to decide if they will reduce St Mark's Bookshop's $20,000/month rent by $5,000.
Thousands of emails or calls will influence the decision.
Tell the President to reduce the bookshop rent to $15,000 a month until the economy improves. You can add any additional comments.
Your support is invaluable.
Frances Goldin Founding member of Cooper Square Committee
Joyce Ravitz Chairperson, Cooper Square Committee

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow Made it Past NY Times Censors Haggerty Guilty? Mike Guilty! Third Term Anniversary Protest

1) is is the OWS NYPD police brutality protest or our humble little protest at City Hall but Mosque Mike seems pissed off and ready to violate to violate the largest amount of people's Constitutional rights ever since the Republican convention and the Brooklyn Bridge!
der duh -- Haggerty stole a million? Yeah right. How about mega-millions or billions stolen by out sourced consultants the largest white collar CRIMES ever
companies hired CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, countless board of ed deals = billions stolen where are the arrests and speedy trials?
why aren't we suing to get money back NYCAPS, ECTP, etc. ? my Haggerty guilty response wish I had mentioned Steve Rattner Fiona Reid Quadrangle Willets Point, I did mention Cayman Island -- can someone explain money laundering to me because didn't Mike do it every which way possible...?
didn't Mike's Team Bloomberg including Haggerty attempt to fill city hall with Mike's money recipitents to prevent anti- Bloomberg third term people from testifying using Joe Doe Foundation?
3/4 quarters of the article unless you can't click on link for some reason.
look down below at the very bottom

2) Sexy and Exciting -- Raw passionate New Yorkers Sunday by City Hall come join us.....

plug in you can’t see click on image to see it larger

From NY Post Article by David Seifman

Financial-disclosure forms show that Bloomberg formed a company called Manhattan West at the offices of his longtime accountant, Martin Geller, so he could personally pay the three aides for performing nongovernmental chores on their own time.
Stu Loeser, the mayor's spokesman, said the arrangement was cleared by the Conflicts of Interest Board.
Each of the three -- Allison Jaffin, Karen Greene and Irene Pistorino -- reported making between $60,000 and $100,000 from the mayor, in addition to government salaries that ranged from $113,429 to $117,818.
That put them in -- or close to -- the same bracket as top commissioners. For example, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had a salary of $205,180.
The forms show that Kelly himself enjoyed one extraordinary perk -- he got to hitch five rides to Florida on the mayor's private jet. The flights were priceless.
"Value unknown," Kelly wrote in the section where he was supposed to declare their worth.
Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs disclosed a loan of $60,000 to $100,000 made to her former chief of staff, Jim Anderson, while he was serving as the mayor's communications director.
Financial deals between subordinates and superiors are banned under the city's ethics rules. But officials said that since Anderson stopped reporting to Gibbs in 2006, there was no issue.
Meanwhile, it was learned that one of Bloomberg's top staffers owns stock in a company whose subsidiary is getting city funding and tax breaks to build a Brooklyn basketball arena for the Nets.
Former Hillary Rodham Clinton political strategist Howard Wolfson, who joined the Bloomberg administration in March as deputy mayor for governmental affairs, listed among his investments stock in Forest City Enterprises worth $5,000 to $39,999.
"This project has never had any real oversight or accountability or full public transparency, so it shouldn't come as a shock that a member of the Bloomberg administration has money invested in it," said City Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn), whose district includes the 22-acre project.
A city spokesman said Wolfson bought the stock in 2007 -- three years before he took the city post -- and the investment was "close to $5,000," thus "far below the threshold that raises potential conflict-of-interest issues."

Term Limit Extension Protest

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Will Suzannah B. Troy Make it Past The New York Times Censors Haggerty found Guilty? Where’s the Speedy Trial to get mega-millions tax payer $ back?

Okay let me understand this. Twenty-four hours ago the jury asked who is the victim? Mike Bloomberg illegally wired money out of his personal account and Cy Vance who said Mike did not break campaign laws had to give every Bloomberg staff and the mayor immunity and than Mike perjured himself stating he did not know Haggerty well when he attended Haggerty’s father’s funeral and was huddled with him the day before the election as well as many other times as documented in the mayor’s calendar and media photographs. In the mean time Mike is possible violating a record number of protestors constitutional right to protest here in NYC saying they need a permit and where is the speedy trial re: SAIC, TechnoDyne, Spherion because that is about a lot more than 1 million dollars but hundred of millions of tax payer money stolen or wasted? Haggerty did not steal that money Mike wired to him. Paris Hilton couldn’t have spent 1.1 million in 1 day for Mike’s election. Mike’s motto win the election and keep the change which is why he never ever asked for the money. Funny no forensic audit for Mike Bloomberg’s last two elections. I am posting on my blogs in case you censor me.

(Folks: Let us see if the above comment makes it past NY Times censors and read this as well.