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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Very Sad NYPD Cop PBA Delegate Tried Killing Himself Media Still Not asking who City Hall Got Tickets Fixed

nydailynews New York Daily News BREAKING: NYPD cop probed in ticket-fixing scandal tried to commit suicide ahead of being called to the stand #breaking

When is a New York Post/NYDN/NYTimes reporter going to find the courage/moxy to ask mayor Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn who at City Hall got their tickets fixed! Stop the cover-ups! Sad this NYPD officer tired to kill himself. That he is PBA delegate again opens the door to the PBA being further investigated and is the PBA fixing tickets or doing favors for their lawyers like the NYPD rape cops lawyers...just asking! By the way the NYPD rape cop hasn’t considered killing himself because he has no soul.
I new tube calling for the DA to be investigated for their handling of the heroin in the NYPD rape cops locker....seems like another big cover-up for the NYPD and this time by the DA! I had the misfortune to speak with someone who works for the AG for too many years in the Public Integrity division hardee har tax payer money wasted and she said in so many words the DA is above being investigated and island on to itself! Nice to know! Cy Vance will have the shortest term of a DA maybe ever.