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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy NYC Round-Up Email to AG Eric Schneiderman + Mass Corruption Mass Eviction From Albany to NYC the Cover-ups Swept Under the Rug and

it is truly frightening the DA's handling of the heroin in the rape cops locker and I want IA to give us the results of their investigation or I am afraid the NYPD will be sliding back to the old days and the 9th has their own chapter in the Mollens' commission.

It was a nightmare to talk to a woman at the AG's Public Integrity -- shocking and disturbing and explains why the political machine from low life thugs on up feel empowered and confident they are above the law. African American New Yorkers have gone out of their way to tell me especially when I was protesting outside 100 Centre St. the rape cops if they had heroin on them they would have gone to jail for years!!!!!!!

The above link is for the press dept of the AG....since I am writing you all and I am so tired, angry and disgusted by the over whelming corruption the Albany and City Hall has come to represent there links to mass cover-ups stories of mass evictions, small business, infrastructure breaks going on for years covered up and of course the biggest white collar cimes ever involving SAIC banned from State and City contracts as well as ECTP even more covered up than CityTime, etc. read on....

how the constant battles evictions to every time weaken the immune system - one bit of good news as the horrific evictions under bloomberg quinn continue city wide so many stores as many as our potholes and infrastructure breaks....

We have the most mass displacement, push outs, evictions, people leaving NY under Bloomberg perhaps since the American Indians.

cover-ups for DEP Dot Con Ed and Bloomberg -- the story the media refuses to tell and the collapse and breaks started with Cooper Union's zone buster less than a block away



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