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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Attorney General Public Integrity Eric Schneiderman’s Public Integrity Person Heroin DA

Email to AG Eric Schneiderman from Suzannah B. Troy...

Please don’t have anyone from your public integrity office speak with me as I spoke to someone who worked there too long and believes the DA is an island on itself and not to be held accountable except by voters.

Cy Vance will be voted out and have the shortest public service in comparison to his backer Morgy but the AG needs to step up to the plate and investigate the DA’s handling of the heroin in the rape cops locker or the AG as well is saying heroin hidden in a cops locker is not a serious crime and it is very serious.

I am posting this communication to you on my blogs and sending a copy to your press office.

Rapes are up in NYC and are under reported. The treatment of the rape victim by misogynist lawyers comparing females genitalia to Venus Fly traps in question form by Chad Seigel and the cross examination Joe Tacopina along with the light treatment of heroin which may have been hidden away to barter for sex in continued sexual exploitation or to plant on an innocent victim needs to be investigated further and the DA’s shocking handling of the heroin charges needs to be investigated.