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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Venerio’s Wonderful Man and Suzannah help Senior in Distress

A really cool woman was out with her Mom when Mom 82 was over come by the heat. Me and this wonderful man who was with his Mom helped out as the daughter went across the street and in to Venerio’s. Venerio’s loaned her a chair for her Mom to sit and regain her self.

The wonderful man had some kind of EMS backgroud so we made a team. I stayed and talked with Mom and daughter and took the chair back and thanked Venerio’s when the 82 Mom regained her strenght and was able to use her walker to make it back home.

It is not easy getting older. The really cool woman and I lamented the fact we don’t have children. We talked about what we would do when we got older considering we don’t have children to help us.