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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Artist to Mike Bloomberg Get Naked Not Mr. Transparent!

Mike Bloomberg doesn’t not want to tell the People of New York where he was during Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010 or discuss the Cayman Island and Steve Rattner his money manager best friend and the BF of the owners of the NYTimes which gave Steve an op ed piece to write despite pleading the 5th more than 60 times and paying to play NY Pensions, pay to not go to jail or plead gulity.

We don’t know what Cathie Black’s golden parachute $$$ was for her short chancellor-ship and Mike isn’t telling.

Mike no one in the press is going to ask you if you helped the people of NYC with the economy as your pal in smoke, mirrors and lies spread the false notion that was why it was okay to deny us a referendum...

What else are you not telling us Mike?

Time to take a closer look at your deputy mayors.....lets look at their salaries and their involvement in tech and real estate deals and let us keep a sharp on Christine Quinn’s donors for her mayoral run