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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NY Post Editors Sexist Pigs Compare Dow Activity Hooker's Underpants Going Up and Down New YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

The cover of The NY Post today is soooo offensive!!!

What do the guys running The New York Post know about women's under pants going up and down for money?

What do the guys in positions of power at News Corp about women's under pants going up and down for money?

In my new YouTube I hold up your cover and compare how little money sex workers make to wall street guys above the law like Hank Paulson Tim Geithner and the non jail bail out deal they brokered with no pay back with interest no pay back period of the obscene bail out that dug us further in to multi-trillion $ debt.

Sexist misogynist editors at it again!

In this YouTube I ask if the NY Post is going to look in to what we pay Glenn Hutchin's Gartner consultants and for what?
I sent this article to Dept. of Investigation and asked them to investigate Gartner.

The article above exposes Gartner’s small role in the Spherion big time 80 million dollar theft in CityTime Scandal and Sally Goldenberg did a great piece and than nothing -- zero from any newspaper on Gartner.

We pay Gartner more an hour than a sex worker. What does Gartner do for the City of New York besides “quality control” like they were “hired” to do on Spherion doing quality control on SAIC on CityTime debacle?

In my new YouTube I take the NY Post’s offensive sexist cover and compare rich white men above the law to sex workers who are arrested unlike Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner!!!