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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NY Post Editors BSing on NYC Schools for Rupe’s Tech Deals? The Hooker DOW NY Post Cover Shameful!

How can we believe a word you editors are writing when your boss Rupert Murdoch is trying to broker big financial deals with Board of Ed with Mike Bloomberg’s blessings?

The New York Post Cover today comparing a hooker’s under pants to the ups and downs of the stock market is sexist and misogynist. What do the men at News Corp. actually now about the rapidity of women removing their underpants for money?​ch?v=WRLDKvYm6Vw Shame on Rupert Murdoch and your editors responsible for the shameful hateful analogy on the NYPost cover. If only the MEN responsible for the markets and the multi-trillion dollar deficit and the bail-out went to jail the way sex workers have and sex workers don’t make their kind of money and enjoy being above the law.

Interesting. When I read Rupe had Joel Klein brokering deals here I thought right away that Rupe wanted to take these tech programs national and global. Problem is Rupert Murdoch has further alienated the global public with the hacking scandals.