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Thursday, August 11, 2011

NY Post Cover Today “Cop’s Shame and George Soros Screwed Girlfriend Real Estate Gift

Well the NY Post editors in a small way made up for their Hooker Stock market misogyny today but putting rape cop jr. Mata on the cover “Cop’s Shame, You’re disgraced forever” words from Judge Gregory Carro. Note that not one juror had anything like that to say the way Judge Carro did and Carro sees a lot of cases so I am glad he gave him hell because there appeared to be too many in the court room who did not understand the gravity of the crimes starting with the jurors.

The cops really don’t get it and as Carro pointed out Mata was carrying Moreno’s bag in to court. How sad and pathetic is that again showing in even the smallest ways how manipulative Moreno is and that Mata is his flunkie to the end. I heard a rumor that Moreno is paying Mata’s legal bills but I don’t know if that is true but Moreno and Mata’s bills are huge.

What will be the finally tab of both their legal bills and do Moreno’s parents have enough money to pay rape cop’s bills. Preying on a drunk woman sure made Tacopina Seigel a lot of money. Misogynist and preying on a drunk woman sure makes Joe Tacopina who bills $750 an hour a lot of money. He will he make even more on the Imette St. Guillen or will he donate his service because Imette was drunk like the NYPD rape victim Joe so brutally cross examined that was like another form of rape. She sounds like she was violated. Read this...

Didn’t Joe Tacpoina almost buy a soccer team with George Soro’s backing but the deal fell through? Will George Soros hirer Joe to help George beat down this young woman, 50 years younger than George who George promised to buy some real estate for? To woman 50 years younger than George -- when George Soros promises you gifts get it in writing . If need be keep a legal pad by your bed.

Tacopina also represented van der Sloot and did media blitz proclaiming his innocents although many thought van der Sloot raped and murdered Natalee Holloway and than van der Sloot goes and ruins Joe Tacopina’s script and murders another woman.

George Soros should definitely have Tacopina represent him with this young woman young enough to be his granddaughter that he allegedly lied to as well as physically roughed up. This must be very embarrassing for Soros’s children. news: ROMA, To Be Sold Today - Cached"Joe is purchasing the Roma soccer team with George Soros as his main investor, and [Tacopina's] going to be the president of the team," a source close to ...