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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NY Post Colin Mixson Reports 141 Year Old Pipe Bursts W 3rd St.! (Right Behind NYU Construction!) Rewind Dan Doctoroff

note: Con Ed has been camped out there for months so there is even more to this story....

Heard on the street: Engineers at the time with Hiram Monserrate who was than a city council person tried to put forth drafted law which City Council and mayor Mike Bloomberg rejected calling for a deputy mayor to over see and address infrastructure problems. The deputy mayor would also coordinate all the different NYC gov. depts including DEP and DOT, etc. but of course Mike Bloomberg said no.

Around the time I was writing Dan Doctoroff demanding he look in to infrastructure concerns because Bloomberg was pushing alarming community crushing development. Doctoroff had a woman from DEP emailing me referring me to DEP’s website and of course saying everything was alright.....

than we had the steam pipe explosion from looked like a terror attack by Grand Central.

Doctoroff left shortly there after to go work in Bloomberg’s private empire.

When Doctoroff was confronted by a NYC engineer way back about the need for a deputy mayor for infrastructure Dan Doctoroff responded that he was the deputy mayor of

Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff the deputy mayor of arrogance more like it.

Check out Lorcan Otway’s photos of the steam pipe explosion by Grand Central.