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The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Josh Margolin NY Post Exposes $277 Excess CityTime3 NYCAPS like CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech System aka CityTime 2

Mike Bloomberg’s techno-dreams are the tax payer’s nightmares! NYCAPS I now dub CityTime3!

To date CityTime which I dubbed the Tax Payer’s Titanic is the largest White Collar Crime ever to be exposed in NYC gov. history. CityTime is an Orwellian Time clock...”pure lemon” that Rudy Giuliani brought in along with SAIC who bilked us for close to a billion, over a billion if you include the costs of throwing away AutoTime city workers created which could have been expanded but than Rudy wouldn’t have been able to get in bed with SAIC -- a mult-billion dollar company that belongs in a Tom Cruise movie; read the Vanity Fair piece

I believe Bloomberg, Rudy and their pals including lobbyists forced these “contracts” and “deals” on the tax payers for financial as well as political moves that had nothing to do with serving the People’s best interests but their own agendas including political careers involving the White House.

Now the New York Post reporter Josh Margolin has an exclusive “CityTime 3” is what I am calling it -- a computerized tracking system that health benefits but oops they city didn’t have a problem with over a quarter of a billion in over spending? Gee thanks, good to know when 450 Parks workers are being threatened with lay-offs.

There is Agostino Cangemi

looked up Accenture for CityTime3 Scandal NYCAPS and there are Gino and Agostino -- reminder Agostino Rudy’s lawyer on Pensions when Rudy mayor....

National Strategies, LLC
Mollena Fabricant
Agostino Cangemi

Gino Menchini

Gino Cangemi and Agostino also lobbyists on Northrup Grumman as I recall for the scandal ridden ECTP and Agostino Cangemi lobbyist on Technodyne. I have a cold and I am really artist not an investigator but that is what I recall.

Look to lobbyists CityTime, TechnoDyne, ECTP, HP, Northrup Grumman, SAIC, etc. Is that Liz Holzman shimming up to than deputy mayor Goldsmith his 1st day to whisper in his ear about SAIC. Look at SAIC’s lobbyists

NYC gov and Albany lobbyist website should have a button like an old fashion cash register so I could figure out total how much Peter Powers, Liz Holzman, Agostino and Gino have made total being lobbyists working on tech scams oops, tech deals for NYC gov. Of course Agostino and Peter Powers directly connect to Rudy Giuliani who gave us the Tax Payers Titanic CityTime! There should be a bio click on the site to tell us the start date and break down lobbyist earnings by years as well as total and their service in NYC gov. etc.

I have people hoping Rudy will run for President because they forsee a Bernie Kerik like fall if he does run.