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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Infrastructure Messes Bloomberg Dropped Ball But Pushed Reckless Development by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Under Bloomberg NYC lost’s is character and characters. Across the street is where CBGB’s was and is now upscale chain stores.....

There is so much development but the city looks like bombs were dropped every where.

That is what you get when you have a socialite city planner Amanda the People’s Burden and Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn taking big donations from her campaign from real estate magnates. NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia U. who use their higher ed status as a tax shelter cause mass displacement, supersize and weigh heavy on old NY’s infrastructure.

Who pays for their infrastructure expansion and Bloomberg’s lack of vision putting infrastructure and safety before the tsunami of development Mike Bloomberg recklessly pushed? The People of NYC.

All these universities make off like the Mafia but even better because they high priced attorneys and public relations people smooth the way and the people pay and pay in way too many ways. Many are forced out of their neighborhoods and or leave NYC all together. Water main breaks are just one small way people are driven out. A big way....Columbia U. abusing eminent domain to force the entire neigbhorhood of Manhattanville out.

How many water main breaks, gas leaks, man hole covers exploding did we have around NYU dorms, the New York Law dorm next to the Hell’s Angels and Cooper Union as well as zone busting sky piercing hotels and condos? A record amount of infrastructure breaks since Bloomberg pushed a reckless development.

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