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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Verizon in Trouble With NYC School Parents? Board of Ed Tech Deals to CityTime 2 ECTP 911 Tech Deal Trouble?

I got an email from Justin Wedes with a request to join parents protesting Verizon deal with Board of Ed.

"Where: Murry Bergtraum HS, 411 Pearl Street, Manhattan (4/5/6 or N/R to City Hall / Brooklyn Bridge)
When: Wed. August 17, 2011 at 5 PM

Why? Verizon is shortchanging their own workers and stealing from schoolchildren! Say no to more giveaways to private contractors and more wasted spending on technology while are class sizes are increasing! Tell the PEP to vote down the Verizon contract with the DOE!"

Go to facebook:

Are the bigs dogs at Verizon and their counterparts in NYC gov. screwing the tax payers?

Wasn’t Verizon also involved with the alleged corrupt ECTP 911 Tech System dubbed CityTime 2 by John Liu?

Question was Verizon yet another NYC NY (Albany included) where they are really no competitive bids considered aka the fix is in....sure this is done that way at The White House...example Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner stealing...oops allotting mega-billions of tax payer money to award a culture of failure to bankers with no jail or no requirement that the bankers pay back the bail out sinking us further in to trillions of dollars of debt so bankers could take their helicopters to the Hamptons and give themselves millions in bonuses!

Bloomberg is up to his eyeballs in massive fraud and theft with Information Tech Deals where Bloomberg also rewarded a culture of failure with CityTime (introduced by Rudy Giuliani as well as SAIC to run Citytime), ECTP -- how is that flawed system money pit doing) and bravo for Mike for simply running 300 million over with NYCAPS using Accenture! I named NYCAPS CityTime3 and Agostino and Gino are lobbyists on NYCaps Agostino lobbyist on TechnoDyne I believe for CityTime. US Attorney is still trying to located TechnoDyne owners hiding in India to bring them to question them on or arrest them on CityTime scandal?

Is the fix in with non-competitive bids? Yes or No? I say yes.

If you have time read through both pages but Verizon is mentioned on page 2 and rumor has it the Verizon contract with ECTP -- the rumored flawed 911 Tech System John Liu dubbed CityTime 2 for shocking excessive billing (but folks where are the arrests and prosecution? Guess who are the lobbyists on ECTP -- yes you guess it if you have been reading my main blogs--Agostino and Gino and look at their resume -- the jobs they held working for NYC gov. Agostino even worked for Rudy pre-Gino DOITT as lawyer on NY pension but these guys along with other lobbyists including Peter Powers and Liz Holzman on CityTime along with Sal Salamone who is in big trouble all were pushing SAIC who was billing us to death on a flawed system and one guy who raked in big bucks never actually showed up for work! Do lobbyist ever wonder about the massive billing to tax payers vs. the product and company they are pimping for?

This YouTube doesn’t mention Verizon directly but does refer to NYCAPS I dubbed CityTime3.

p.s. Let’s take a look at Verizon lobbyists

type in Verizon -- different than Verizon wireless