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Monday, August 8, 2011

British Daily Mail & NYDN Expose Chad Seigel Hateful Venus Fly Trap Tactics but NY Post Blacked it Out NYTimes protected Seigel did not give his name!

What way too many New Yorkers do not know and at the rape protests so many women and men that showed up did not know perhaps because Tacopina and Seigel have friends trying to cover-up their dirty work or misogyny is an accepted part of the world’s men-tality.

Blame the victim, demonize and dehumanize the victim and now the misogynist lawyers say don’t call their client the NYPD Rape cop. Joe Tacopina do I have your permission to call Van Der Sloot a rapist and murderer? Tacopina was defending Van Der sloot while he killed a 2nd young woman and dumped her body like garbage. He just didn’t get to an ocean to feed her body to sharks.

FYI: people google Joe Tacopina Shark scroll down and you will find links about heroin in rape cop’s locker and also the C word incident reported by the Village Voice.