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Friday, August 12, 2011

Alan Dershowitz USPS Criminal! by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Alan Dershowitz, I am typing on my IPhone but FYI Alan as I have pointed out the USPS vehicle that allegedly hit your sister-in-law RIP and drove off had no license plate!!!!

Why is that Alan Dershowitz? I don’t understand how the driver did not know your sister-in-law was hit but Alan explain why the USPS does not have license plates and are above the law period!

Alan Dershowitz explain to us folks not as well educated as you are why the USPS has no license plates!

Alan if you need photos of the USPS chronically breaking every law possible with a vehicle let me know.

Did the NYPD issue a ticket of any kind to the driver that was involved in the accident that took your sister-in law's life?

Alan ask Andrew Berman about the USPS's illegal air sale at 120 East 12th Street to NYU and Alan like the chronic law breaking by USPS drivers here in NYC the USPS the United States Postal dis Service criminal behavior is mystically and magically above the law.

The USPS union protects people they should not. Alan, are they protecting the USPS driver alleged to have hit your sister-in-law? The USPS makes the Mafia look warm and cuddly but the Mafia actually turns a profit while the USPS loses multi-billion dollars a year. Good luck Alan with the criminal USPS and Alan research how many people have died being hit by a USPS vehicle in NYC. I pay more money to not use the USPS and Alan my maternal Gramps delivered mail in the Bronx but Gramps was honest and kind.

Alan ask me why I feel so isn’t just the illegal air sale at 120 East 12th Street next door to where I lived for 20 years...ask me Alan.