May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Preet Bharara Will Never Charge Mike Bloomberg

Preet Bharara will never charge Mike Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn and Mike's upper strata covering up, aiding and abetting SAIC and sub-contractors.
Is Preet going to ask lobbyists if they knew they were pushing systems that did not work well and the companies were over billing, billing way to high...this includes
lobbyists on ECTP

Did they all laugh and say hey they are government contracts! Well thousands of City Workers will come forward to testify the CityTime System does not work

The Wall St. Journal is not going to interview any city workers to ask them if the system does not work. NY Post The NY Times? No.

The Village Voice may eventually get to it.
the NYDN has reported it but when are you going to expose Rose Gill Hearn and Mike lying and in the real world they would go to jai as well.

Mike broke campaign laws. In the real world he would go to jail.

Instead media silence cover-up!!!!!!