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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The NY Post Cartoon Slams John Liu and Union Conflicts of Interest but is the NYPost Covering up for Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn and Pals?

NY Post Cartoon Slams Liu and Union But Won't Beat Up Bloomberg and CityCrime

The NY Post demonizes John Liu and Unions today but refuses to give CityCrime the front page cover as the editors protect Bloomberg, Quinn, Rose Gill Hearn and pals who allowed mega-millions, the biggest white collar crime ever and tech related...a big tech sham and scam. It is all smoke and mirrors as usual and infomercials and that is the way it appears to be from Albany to City Hall with politicians talking to press that will not challenge them!!!!!!!!!!! Why....? Talk about conflicts of interests!!!!!!

First Rupert Murdoch has to be mad as Hell John Liu cancelled his 2.7 million tech deal with the Board of Ed but Joel Klien Mr Conflict of Interest along with everyone in the Bloomberg administration got busted.

The cartoon says Conflict of Interst but go to City Hall, look at CityTime and the myraid of crime from Albany to City Hall and it stinks of conflictsmof interest.

The way the press refused to report any opposition and critism re: Bloomberg and Quinn is shameful.

The press is covering up for Bloomberg, Rose Gil Hearn, Patricia Harris, Mark Page allowing them soft balls or no tough questions at all re: CityTime or anything.

Look at the owners of the media and who sits on the partnership for NY and so many other oartneships and than talk to me about conflicts of interest.

The Conflictmof Interest Committee is one of the biggest jokes in town!

CityTime is one of the biggest crimes in NYC gov history although rumor has it the 911 Tech System could be bigger but no cartoon or front page cover from the NY Post!

Joh Liu big time hero shutting down corruption CityTime and 911 Tech System although 911 tech needs more major investigating as do all sub-contractors, consultants, lobbyists CityCrime and all tech deals -- all quality control NYC gov.

ps keep yours on Christine Quinn's campaign donations... Bloomberg and Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy and the truth was to help themselves and their pals.....Fat Cats all of them and the “fatter” Quinn gets the thinner she gets...almost funny except so far they remain above the law and accountability. Look to the conflicts of interests with Quinn and real estate developers -- and she isn’t the only one... the NYDN did a scathing series on her and city council’s kick backs.