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Sunday, May 29, 2011

ProPublica Journalist Sues Mayor over Cathie Black Records

ProPublica Journalist Sues Mayor over Cathie Black Records

Dear friend,

The Mayor’s office isn’t making it easy for ProPublica journalist Sergio Hernandez to find out just what went on in emails between Bloomberg and soon-to-be Schools Chancellor Cathie Black way back in November.

After they denied his FOIL request – government employee communications are subject to those, remember – he fired back and is now suing the mayor.

Will Manhattan Supreme Court stand behind the mayor, or the public’s right to know just how royally the ‘education mayor’ screwed up in appointing this unqualified chancellor? And, more importantly, what is actually in those emails, that the original request would be denied with this comment:

“if disclosed, [the emails] would constitute an unwarranted violation of personal privacy”

Sound off in the comments on what you think is in these documents…

-Justin Wedes
Editor, OurSchoolsNYC

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