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Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead NYC is on alert + Suzannah B. Troy Protest’s the NYPD Rape Cop’s Lawyer’s Tactics 100 Centre St., St. Marks Place + the Subway!

St. Mark’s Place Photo by Lorcan Otway

I am really not going to write anything about this topic-- Bin Laden right now. The newspapers are filled to the brim and the fact is we have to be even more vigilant of yet another terrorist attack or attacks.

In the meantime I went down to 100 Centre Street and was quiet for an occasional angry outburst.

My signs quote: Chad Seigel and Judge Carro.

When the reporter for The New York Daily News approached I did let out an angry outburst....a very slim to me “ugly” from the inside out woman came and started verbally beating me up. It would be laughable except I am holding a sign about the viscous cruel tactics of the NYPD rape cop lawyers. She didn’t like me yelling so I apologized. She than said she did not like my tactics. I did not ask her if she like Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel’s tactics but to pacify her I said I am sorry but she kept walking away and running back to me like a yoyo so than I let her have it. She talked to me about perceptions. I asked her do you think perhaps your perception is off? She replied everyone’s perception is off. So I ended the conversation by saying, than we agree -- your perception is off and finally she slithered away. Passerby’s either walked by, one never looking up from his newspapers to many New Yorkers nodding.

I gather Tacopina is despised in general -- heard some rumblings.

We will be protesting outside his off not me alone but a group including gay activists most likely after the trial.
I am very, very tired.

Photo by Lorcan Otway
Here I am on St. Marks Place holding up my signs and this guy walks up and he said the lawyers are in it for the money. He told me has a history of trouble with the law. Sometimes the NYPD busted him and he was guilty other times not. He was very interested in my protest.

I was in the subway and I saw people reading my sign so I spoke up and told the entire subway car why I was protesting. The car was filled with New Yorkers of every color, men and women and all ages. I felt everyone of them supported me! It was like a scene out of a movie.

Very, very moving.