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Sunday, May 29, 2011

NYPD Rape Cop Kenneth Moreno’s Wife No. 2 Denial Blames the Rape Victim of her Husband!

She claims her husband is the guy other cops would pick to drive home their wives but the question is from where?

She is like Arnold’s “wife” who called Arnold’s victims liars until Arnold had sex in their martial bed over and over and conceived a child.

The 9th Precinct is called the Shit House and that is by NYPD officers and the 9th has it’s own chapter in the Mollons Commission. The 9th and they are not alone -- there is a secret culture of sexual exploitation in the NYPD and I have heard rumors about Moreno.

I was also warned by a male community member to stay away from the 9th precinct.

That before the 9th Precinct got cameras installed in the parking lot that certain officers would get oral sex from a developmentally slow young woman before getting in their cars and going home to their wives.

The sub-culture of the NYPD sex-exploiting sex workers is ancient and the rumor I heard about Moreno pertains exactly to that.