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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Join us for Protest Against Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel NYPD Rape Cop Lawyers tomorrow Wed. May 11 12:30 to 1:00 lunch time

Join us!

May 11, Wednesday

275 Madison Avenue by 40th Street 12:30 -1:00
organized by Suzannah B. Troy artist activist
Violence towards women is a global issue and rape is an epidemic.

Rapes here in NY are reported up 24 percent according to fox

I got the paper work to file a grievance against Chad Seigel for his "Venus Fly Trap" question comparing women's private parts to a Venus Fly Trap asking if "it" snaps shut? and clearly comparing us to flesh eating plants was to paint us as aggressors which is Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel's strategy.

Tacopina Seigel hired Dr. Mitchell Essing to refute the forensic evidence and this is the MD that handled over a baby girl to be named Lisa to Joel Steinberg with no paper work who beat her to death 6 years.

Below I am wearing a custom shirt I made for the protest tomorrow on my sleeves and on the back is Yu Yau's name to honor her memory. She was grabbed by the hair in Queens and pulled in to an alley rape and beaten to death with a steal pipe.

The T-shirt has a custom made message front and back and I consider it a piece of art calling for justice and to stop the violence towards women by going after educated lawyers that have put the rape victim on trial.

I have LGBT and US Veterans that have committed to standing along with me tomorrow.

Please cover this protest because the concerns are global concerns from babies to grannies there are rapes, high statistical numbers of domestic violence here in NYC and just too many deaths with baby girls to grannies being murdered.

A great concern is even more rape victims will no come forward.

My name is Suzannah B. Troy. I am not running for political office. I have gotten speed bumps for Anna Silver school when a public member from Community Board 2 told me I would never get it and I got bathroom doors returned to the women's bathrooms in Tompkins and I had the pleasure of seeing a handicap woman and her assistance go in and close and lock the door. I have volunteered with pre-school handicap kids at Rusk at NYU Medical Center and donated my white blood cells twice and gallons of platelets. I am too tired to donate right now. Please help me send a message that the violence towards women, rapes and even the way they are treated in court must change which is why I am filing a grievance with the Supreme Court. The US Veterans are joining me because I had a successful protest against the manager of the Mercer Hotel for harassing them and several are handicap. Among the most handicapped is Eric who is 80 and can barely walk. He is coming with his cane and he insists on standing to the best of his ability and supporting me protest and I hope you will so we can send a message to NYC and to the world.
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

It does not matter how we dress, if we are drunk or a baby or grandmother -- no one can be allowed to rape us.

Excerpt from my speech tomorrow:

We are here to Stop Rape Rapes are up in NYC and Rapes are under reported. After the the Rape Cop Trial even more girls and women will be too scared to come forward so that is why we are here!

First thank you for being here! You showing up makes a difference. We here to send a message to slim bucket lawyers that put rape victims on trial!

Violence towards women from babies to Grannies is a globally crisis and in NY we have a rape epidemic.

Before we get to the hate crime that happened in court by NYPD rape cop's lawyers Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel I want to ask every New Yorker to help stop crime - to keep your eyes peeled - to call 911 - we must stop the violence!!!! We urge victims of rape to come forward which takes immense courage.

Yu Yao 28 years old was randomly grabbed by her hair, pulled in to an alley where was raped and beaten to death by a monster with a pipe.

Yu Yao wanted to be a lawyer. She would have been the best of lawyers.

Let's get to the worst.