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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Wall St. Journal “CityTime Finally Clocks In” No Mention of SAIC Subpoenas or Tax Payer’s Titanic How Greed & Stupidity Destroyed NYC from Real Es

Below is a comment I posted on The Wall St. Journal. Will it stay up? The NY Post editors stopped me from commenting for the 2nd time closing my account when I posted a comment demanding more investigative reporting of Gartner because of Sally Goldenberg’s article “Kick Back in Time”. I believe because of Rupert Murdoch and Mike Bloomberg’s relationship with Glenn Hutchins I was banned by The NY Post. Here is today’s comment on The Wall St. Journal and than I add a long piece you need to read. Also note I emailed this article to Dept. of Investigation and demanded they investigate Gartner.

Please explain no mention of the subpoenas served to SAIC and how about Garnter’s role doing “quality control” on Spherion doing “quality control” on SAIC and CityTime but Spherion consultants were stealing at least 80 million dollars and talk on the street is there was a whole lot of stealing going on in terms of consultants on CityTime from many different companies lying on their times sheets. As I understand it the City of NY made a deal that once CityTime was up and running the city would sell CityTime to gov. agencies and get a commission which now based on the fact CityTime has flaws like all the big monied tech systems NYC gov, no commissions in the near future. Last time I checked CityTime was not able to recognize the unusual time schedules of city staff and people were wasting lots and lots of time on the phone trying to fix errors that CityTime could not recognize and you can hear that from city staff I filmed and posted on a YouTube channel BloombergNoCityTiime. Under Bloomberg we spent a record amount of money on tech across the board and it appears most was a scam making consultants and owners of these companies richer as we face even harsher cuts than ever from schools, fire houses, libraries, homeless shelters etc. Reminder Bloomberg fought for a full renewal with SAIC last Sept. and I was part of a group that fought an won for less money to be handed over to SAIC with many conditions to begin to protect tax payer money. Also note Rudy Giuliani brought in CityTime although I have spoken with people who said we did not need CityTime and could have expanded AutoTime which was created and owned by NYC gov and Rudy brought in SAIC. Rudy’s best friend Peter Powers once his deputy mayor happen to be the lobbyist on SAIC MTA deal which again we all fought. Look in to how the MTA told the State comptroller tough we are going to use SAIC when the DiNapoli wisely and correctly put a kibosh on the deal. Too bad the newspapers don’t want to do investigative journalism and why ow why is that? The owner of Gartner (I hear Gartner practically runs NYC gov) Glenn Hutchins and Rupert Murdoch both sit on board of The Partnership of New York and both have big tech deals with DOE NYC gov.

Just an FYI: Every major newspaper is involved in real estate deals that were aided and abetted by Bloomberg or the previous mayor or mayors of NYC -- massive deals like Donald Trump got and they would defend their deals by saying they employee lots of people which is true. Some owners also have the same best friend and money manager as Mike Bloomberg, some are involved in lucrative deals NYC gov and my point is all are involved in silencing voices of opposition, voices calling for investigation and investigative journalism and all of the above are close to The White House as possible so you can say what is new or this is the worst suppression of information and voices of opposition in a very long time here in NYC in the midst of dire economic problems caused by greed and even more New Yorkers will continue to leave, be forced out.

It is sad and shocking how much New Yorkers don’t know and even if they were willing to read the newspapers or watch television the corrupt dealings are not reported.

In the HBO special movie last night -- the one woman character who fully understood what was going on is explained by a group of men in a dummy down way for movie viewers to understand.

As much as greed as destroyed this city including with a tsunami of reckless real estate development you can find the same with tech deals and look to real estate and corrupt failed tech systems MTA as well but stop the average New Yorker and they don’t know about the shocking rip-offs and wasted money with CityTime, 911 Tech System, Tech systems Board of Ed and no one will investigate why we I am told have to pay Gartner to consultant on almost every aspect of NYC gov.

The newspapers and TV media outlets do not want to investigate or report on this and the greedy people in power think they are protecting their interests and they are but they are further destroying this City and there will be even harsher economic problems and even more deaths because of services cut because of greed and stupidity -- the same kind that caused Wall Street to implode is destroying this city and one clearly starting with Rudy bringing in CityTime and SAIC and Bloomberg a supposed great biz man and manager took greed and stupidity to a level of destruction with the highest level of paid consultants we would have done better to do without that have robbed us blind and provided mostly flawed systems as the City is threatened against with falling in to a deeper economic depression that many have been living already in my opinion.

Note: I can’t explain the level of exhaustion I am experience and the corruption I fight in your face or should I say in my face day to day living that started before I was forced to sell my home of 20 years fearing for my safety to shocking details I will be sharing with you down the road. Just like Sept. 11 I tell myself this should never ever have happened. I voted for Bloomberg two times. First time I believed in him, 2nd time he had no viable opposition but now I see him as the worst mayor ever that has finally destroyed this city. Koch and Rudy had great p.r. and sold themselves like a huge diamond from Tiffany’s but they did a lot of bad that was covered up but Bloomberg has destroyed this city and a record amount of people are profiting as an even larger record amount are forced to leave a city destroyed by greed and stupidity. I want to add I blame many at NYC gov including city council members that voted to extend a 3rd term like Diana Reyna I had to listen to at a Fire House closing protest last night. Even people like her know she found a financial boon like she could not find in the private sector so she voted to deny the people a referendum in a similar way editors have agreed to kill investigative reporting on behalf of the owners.

Read the article above == Glenn Hutchins Gartner tech deal nyc gov DOE and Rupert Murdoch -- question is it even legal for Joel Klein to be brokering tech deals so soon?

Understand why The NY Post won’t allow me to comment closing my account and shoving Mitchell Moss a mouth piece for Bloomberg, the Rudin Family and NYU down readers throats?

What else is not reported and why? The NYC economy will continue to tank because of greed and stupidity destroying this once great City.