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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fake 911 Call sounds like Rape Cop from 9th Precinct

Coming soon a protest lunch time in front of Tacopina Seigel’s office. stoprapenyc at yahoo dot com I won’t be answering until I have a date and time and make sure you are the real deal. I posted it on my blog. Question: Why did the PBA hire Tacopina $750 an hour lawyer to represent Moreno. Didn’t he and his partner lie on their log book and wasn’t the video compelling enough not to spend a fortune and hire the shark that represented Natalee Holloway’s killer. Watch the YouTubes of Tacopina saying the killer is innocent but have a bag to puke in. We will be holding signs with Seigel, Tacopina’s underling partner referring to her and all women’s private parts as a flesh eating Venus Fly Trap Plant.

Do you think Moreno is a sex-a-holic where the thrill is worth destroying everything for the next fix? Just wondering.