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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Streets of NYC are an awful shape! Why? Here is an intersection 2nd Ave. 7th St. where a water main break from 4 years ago...

From 2007 you can see the medium sized water main break

Today, a senior with a cane trying to cross -- this mess is not from a winter storm but part of the chronic incompetence under Mike Bloomberg's hideous NYC.

This is the 2nd photo from where the water main break from 2007 continues to be a street mess and for some reason the street has eroded around the man hole cover. Again a pedestrian could break their neck but I am also worried for the safety of New Yorkers from below ground.

Here are photos from the very same intersection starting with a senior citizen woman leaning on her cane trying to cross a mess of an intersection. To date DEP and DOT can't seem to fix this intersection or so many streets that continue to rip open like wounds that won't heal.

It doesn't have to do with bad winters but poor leadership and choices. If the same focus was placed on street conditions and infrastructure that was put on bike lanes the streets would be safer.

-I got my hands on a press release from an engineering group -- American Engineering Alliance, about how to pave the city streets from 2007 a
The East Village, Lower East Side looks like a bomb

Here are a few sentences from the Press Release from The American Engineering Alliance...
Why must New Yorkers put up with bad streets?

Driving through the streets of the City, one gets the impression that New York is one huge construction site. There is one type of construction activity on almost every other block. Contractors do not merely open up our roadways, and haphazardly put up barricades and divert traffic; they also use streets to store their construction equipment and materials.

Putting up with the inconvenience that construction activity creates would be tolerable if the public could be assured that the contractors or utility companies working in our streets aren not abusing the useable traveling space and will restore roadway to its original smooth condition. All continuos, inadequately controlled construction activity has resulted in a roadway system that is possibly the worst in the Country in terms of rideability. In fact, in some areas of the City, the roadways are worse than you would find than you would find in some poor, third world country.

(There is more but I will stop here. I am tired and hand typing, making phone calls, answering calls.)

Also note king Mike decided the commissioner of DOB should not be required to have an engineering degree or an architecture degree. Bloomberg is being sued on this and he won the first round but it is being appealed I believe. I guess the judge did not look over how many accidents, deaths and injuries happened under Bloomberg's tsunami of development.

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