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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mike Bloomberg apologized to the Irish People but not The American Indian People! Don't forget Dave Paterson's economic racist treatment of AI

Yakoke am kana!

This comment was posted on the YouTube I made about economic racism courtesy of Mike Bloomberg and Dave Paterson.

I saw on the daily news, how MB apologized to the Irish for statements made that offended them, but did he ever apologize for his statements to us (First Nations people)?

p.s. For anyone who has visited my home you know my home has American Indian Treasures. One of my treasures is an American Indian Blanket that tells a story of endurance and tenacity using the images of Buffalo. When I travel I take the blanket with me if I can. I love it.


Suzannah B. Troy

p.s. Don't forget Dave Paterson's economic racism towards American Indians and he is teaching at NYU, NYU who crushes our communities with shady corrupt real estate dealings, NYU with zero respect for the community, NYU uses higher ed as a tax shelter and is about higher greed.