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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Night Christine Quinn uses NYPD to intimidate 3 Peaceful Protestors demanding a hospital - Quinn abuse of power and tax payer money

Last night 3 protestors 8 NYPD used to intimidate Peaceful NYers on behalf of Christine Quinn - one NYPD pushed NYer

It is shameful and a disgrace Christine Quinn uses the NYPD (yet again) at last nights protest outside a night club at in Meat Packing District. 3 protestors holding a banner asking for a hospital where St. Vincent's -- WHY 8 NYPD officers and why did the largest having to shove a peaceful protestor holding a banner for a hospital!

Before the protestor left he said to the NYPD officers still there I want to know we were only here peacefully and an NYPD officer replied we know.

These 3 protestors were brave and through their bravery we can see how Christian Quinn abuses power. The footage of the NYPD shove was not caught on camera but you can see see the turn out of NYPD.

A protestor did not get a badge number or name but my quick look shows these NYPD officers are not from the 6th. Are they from mid-town?
Watch YouTube -- I posted this comment.

"there are more than 2 NYPD officers for each protestor since there were only 3 protestors and they were peacefully holding up a banner asking for a new hospital where St. Vincent's was and a tall African American NYPD officer pushed a protestor, he said you need to move, if you don't move. do you want to be arrested tonight? No pedestrian traffic was being blocked. This was pure abuse of tax payer money and NYPD abuse of power."

Dear News Reporters: Here is a head-up. We all know Quinn wants to be mayor and we see how she abuses tax payer money and uses the NYPD to intimidate, threatened and abuse Peaceful New Yorkers who are not blocking pedestrian traffic, last night 3 protestors with at one point 8 cops is shameful and wrong. See links below from before the last election for more examples of Quinn using NYPD plus me being threaten by an NYPD officer a few weeks ago posted on YouTube.

I have written US Attorney Preet Bharara and in my letter which I put on YouTube what I don't read you if my questioning why Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations lead by Tish James into almost a billion dollars in wrong spending including what I believe maybe massive theft beyond the 80 million already exposed as stolen and wasteful proving she cannot be our mayor but also she hopefully will be subponeaed in court especially if rumor prove true about SAIC employees stealing like Berger and Mazer stole aka one of the largest white collar crimes in NYC Gov history?
Here the 6th Precinct including NYPD DI Caroli were excellent but Quinn used NYU and The Villager to turn away people

My own experience a few weeks ago -- when we were forced to wrongly move and later that night this NYPD officer's Lt.? Barry apologized to me -- because he agreed the NYPD officer was wrong -- he made us wrongly move and when I said I could call Norman Siegel he said he has the power he could arrest me for attitude!