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Saturday, January 8, 2011

NYU the evil empire Greed/Higher ed does not understand the meaning of the word NO! Stop the destruction of our neighborhood!!!!!!

These greedy creatures posing as human beings clearly pray to their god the almighty dollar, the greed machine and do not believe in a higher court or prime real estate in Hell.

John Sexton and Alicia Hurley how do you look yourself in the mirror.

NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia University beat down community law suits, bust through our zoning to add more concrete smothering Mother Earth and are responsible for the mass displacement, shopping mall, high rents do to college kids high turn over which landlords love as much as the drug dealers embrace the large student population making NYU the drug capital of Higher Ed.

NYU uses Broadway and Lafayette Street as their private parking lot for their way too many half empty buses and trolleys that pass local residents waiting and waiting for MTA buses.

NYU students can't use public transportation like our NYC kids because NYU must clutter traffic and congest, smother, dominate, mega-dormed the East Village to death....

You know more horror stories are coming because you can't be this greedy and get away with it with even with a mayor that favored real estate buddies over the people of NY and ditto for a socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden who acted like she was NYU, Columbia U., NY Law (the mega-dorm on E. 3rd St.), Cooper Union.