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Monday, December 27, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy's amazing, dazzling Blizzard Snow storm photos East Village + reminder to read Blizzard MTA NYC Gov SAIC postings from today on this

Way back when --- just the very beginning.......
Christiane made it to work on time but she said climbing through the snow was a challenge and she found herself sinking like quicksand. She did not have snow boots but cowboy boots which were off and in a corner drying.
Suzannah B. Troy in one of her favorite stores Flower Power open and up for business which is more than I can say for the MTA which had certain sections shut down making it impossible for people to get to work! Some friends from Queens were stranded and also called 311 hoping to get their streets plowed but 311 was as backed up as street plows.

Car completely buried under East 9th Street
Dead man shoveling...just joking his young woman friend to the rescue.

My Tompkins Square Park friend, a senior citizen told me he was in the park last night because he wanted to be able to have something to talk about. He said in all his years he has never seen a Blizzard like this with the winds gusting and the thunderstorms and lightening which he told me struck the park and gave off a blue light. The Blue Light was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He told me he thought the Blizzard was some kind of message.

Where is all the snow going to go?

Karen from Loves Saves the Day -- her famous van snowed in to the brim.

No deliver of The New York Post or The New York Daily News today! East Village, St. Marks Place

St. Marks Place -- no cars at the moment -- the street just a walkway.

Warning if you are missing one of the sexist parts of the human anatomy -- please do not read my blogs, thanks you!

I got an email from the other side of the world and the email said -- I heard you got more inches than you could handle -- I wrote back not true!

Reminder: check my blog: for dirt dish scandals NYC gov starting with king Mike, SAIC, CityTime, Christine Quinn and High Lawn as well as violating a homeless groups right to attend City Council meetings and more...check out my very first posting this morning and every one including why Mike would prefer not to declare this an emergency -- two reasons and one is CityTime..... tune in and read!

Sad news Gods Love We Deliver could not make deliveries today and they deliver to thousands of New Yorkers.