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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sanitation car owner talks to ABC news scared for her safety, ditto for guy who filmed YouTube sensation! + Christine Quinn and slush puppy city counc

The owner of the car that is now a YouTube sensation is interviewed by ABC new but she is afraid for her safety so no last name or face time.

family said unfortunate

guy who filmed it -- is in hiding.

She -- the owner in the car -- scared of retaliation by the men from the Sanitation dept. She said he did not care when he heard the noises -- he did not stop, he ignored the people yelling to stop!!!!!!

The workers finally get out -- acknowledged her and gave him her cel no. The supervisor said call the precinct -- get an accident report, we got work
to do and hung up.

Her husband works for city. City will reimburse them for car which news reporter channel 7 means tax payer pay.

Daughter's car will be repaired as well supposedly.

Mom, known as Sara said she is glad the guy caught this on YouTube.

FYI -- read the blog posting before this....Rats post-Blizzard 2010 moved up to platforms with less than welcoming New Yorkers.

Dov Hikind wants the commissioner of Sanitation to resign NOW! Saw that on Fox 5 news.

Christine Quinn and city council slush puppies turn on king Mike! FYI Christine Quinn, you know those high priced lawyers you huddle with, time to huddle over your role in CityTime!
Check my new YouTube out with photos of RATS on Subway!!!!!!! and the posting above has WNYC link to saying SAIC override not innocent!!!!!!!

King Mike so sarcastic even when he is apologizing or not really apologizing at all....