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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Part 2 respect news guy says I am wrong CityTime owned by NYC gov but is it just semantic & SAIC owns what is valuable hear why! by Suzannah B. Troy

Joel Bondy quits. Respect news guy tells me I'm wrong about SAIC owning CityTime (semantics?) SAIC owns what'$ valuable

I was told NYC gov owns CityTme by respected reported but my opinion based on a source is that is just semantics -- reality is SAIC owned the bankable part of CityTime if and when the CityTime actually worked whic despite aprox. $740 million dollars spent -- it still and will never work in a way that will profit NYC at least not for another 100 years -- since this was really about bilking tax payers money at an epic level and if it ever worked the city had a corrupt deal to sell CityTime to other gov. agencies on behalf of SAIC who would give NYC gov a percentage of the sale. If SAIC is giving NYC gov a percentage of the sale they own what is valuable in CityTime.
Check out the iReport I found on NYDN website in comment section -- fingers an SAIC consultant stealing yet we never heard about this in the news... yet.

I found this iReport posted on NYDN in comment section from Feb. 2009 that fingers a SAIC consultant but we never heard about this in the press...yet.